DIY Campground Social Media

ATTENTION CAMPGROUNDS: Want More New Campers From Social Media Marketing?

We reached over Hundreds of Millions Campers on Facebook over the past few years for our clients and most importantly we drove Millions of Dollars in Sales! We have a proven strategy to increase your sales and we’ve packaged it in a step by step, plug and play course!

DIY Campground Social Media Course is normally $299Access Now For Just $149.95!

Things you’ll learn in this course:

Get Access Today for just $149.95 – 50% off!

Why Choose Us?

Increased Sales: Our system is plug and play which makes it easy for you to get fast results.

Connect: Our team understands what it takes to connect with campers, because our entire staff is comprised of RVers and almost all are Full Timers.

High Value: You won’t find more value in an agency for our industry. With being both social media and RV experts, we’re able to pass on that knowledge for our customers.

Low Investment: Our entire team works remote. We’re lean and mean with our company structure and overhead. Which gives us a competitive advantage by passing on those savings to our customers.


Some of Our Clients…

Why not work with the best in the industry? Someone who knows what you’re going through and how to better your situation…

We work with companies like Camco, Cummins, Go RVing, Heartland RVs, over 50 RV Dealerships and so much more!

Does It Really Work?

We took the exact same strategy that has allowed us to CRUSH IT for our RV Dealership clients and fine tuned it by working with campgrounds to increase their sales!

Then once we had Facebook Marketing for Campgrounds down to a science we headed to a brand new RV Resort with no social media to put it to the ultimate test.

We stayed for about a month capturing the same content we teach you to create and then posted on their Facebook Page with our strategy for 6 months.

So what were the results?

In 6 months of contributing to their Facebook Page we marketed 782,793 times in their local area to a targeted audience of campers.

That equated to EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. They started making sales within the first week. Then the sales kept on coming in and they quickly filled the place up!

Keep in mind that Social Media isn’t just about filling up campsites. You’re able to connect and communicate with your current customer base like never before.

Let’s not forget about up-selling and cross-selling which directly increases your bottom line! Talk about how they can purchase the wood when they get to your campground among other supplies, how you have cabins so they can increase their group size by inviting the non-RVers along on the trip, or how you have boat rentals so they can come and enjoy the activities they normally can’t when at home…

Special $149.95

2 common challenges campgrounds face:

  1. Most campgrounds don’t have a monthly budget for a high level marketing agency.
  2. Most campgrounds don’t have a social media expert on staff. It’s a full time job to stay on top of all the trends and changes to the social platforms. it’s also very expensive to hire an expert marketer in house.

That’s why we came up with the perfect solution, a DIY Campground Social Media Course. 

That allows you to get all the high level strategies and tactics that will grow your bottom line, with an incredibly low investment.

“Time is what we want most, but use worst.” – William Penn

You could spend a ton of your time learning how to do what we do. It’s taken us 5 years to get to where we’re at now and that’s with MASSIVE amounts of effort. You could totally do that…

Or since we’ve done the groundwork for you, you could save time to invest into other things like growing your business or increasing your happiness in life. The world needs more happy people. Maybe you could even go relax at someone else’s campground and call it Research and Development!

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Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If you apply the techniques in this course and aren’t happy with the results in 6 months, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND!

Is It Ok If We Over-Deliver?

Let’s review a few of the reasons this course is a great idea for your bottom line:

  • You’ll Make More Money
  • This Will Save You Time
  • It’s a Low Investment/Risk for a Large Return

Now let’s go ahead and Sweeten the Deal…

Anyone moving forward before March 1, we’re going to give you a 2 month supply of stock content so you can start posting on day 1 with professionally prepared content that will perform.

What is Offered in Each Package:

What’s included in all of our Campground Packages

  • Proven marketing strategy.
  • Step by step posting guide & content calendar.
  • 10 video trainings by our team.
  • How to create content like a pro.
  • How to caption content that will engage.
  • Local partnerships, contests & event promotion.
  • Breakdown of Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
  • Understand and learn Facebook Ads.
  • Managing Facebook Reviews.
  • Over 100 specific Facebook post examples you can duplicate yourself.
  • And more!

If you’re interested in hiring us to do your social media marketing, let’s jump on the phone to discuss. 

To get started Call or Email me TODAY!


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