Surfing in Santa Cruz

You can’t visit Santa CruzCowells Beach RV Surfing without surfing. It’s one of the most iconic surfing cities in the world. Even if you aren’t a surfer Cowells Beach is rated the #1 surf spot in the world for beginners. It’s also a popular spot for long boarders because it offers long easy waves to have fun with. It’s located right at the Santa Cruz Pier which makes it conveniently  Read More

A Big Bug Scare

bug bite scare I had a big bug scare. I noticed a spider bite developing quickly into a blister. I didn’t see the spider but I knew we were in an area with some pretty nasty spiders. My left hand went completely numb as the swelling and blister grew. We put cold packs on it and although it was very sensitive to the touch it looked as though the worst was behind us. I woke up the next day to a numb working with bug bitehand and a swollen wrist. The bite itself was large and you could easily see the fang marks of the spider. I had done quite a bit of research and knew there were Brown Recluse spiders in the area so we knew what to watch for in the next 3 days to determine if it was a brown recluse bite but we still weren’t in the clear with the symptoms I was having. I went to a local Spider expert and he said “it’s either a wolf spider or a brown recluse, either way it’s going to get a lot worse before it spider bite santa cruzgets better.” (he’s been bitten by both). He was right about getting worse before getting better… When I showered that evening the warm water softened up the bite, which was not good because the first time something rubbed up against it it burst and caused A LOT of pain!!! I would consider myself pretty tough but WOW that was painful. It was a wide open hole for a few days but then ended up healing over. The worst part is I was in Santa Cruz and couldn’t surf haha! Read More

San Francisco is such an iconic American City. Coming into the city from the south our first stop was Fort Funston National Park. It blew us away how windy it was (get it?) There were quite a few hang gliders taking advantage of the powerful wind hitting the coast. They have a lot of paths to the ocean as well as horse paths. Read More

surfing pomeranian

Bailey the Surfing Pomeranian hitting the waves at Newport Beach.

Hiking the Redwoods

santa cruz redwoods

It’s always been on henry cowell redwoods hikingmy bucket list to hike the redwoods. I’m grateful this adventure has given us that opportunity. Read More

uvas reservoir

Just over a mile down the road from the Morgan Hill RV Resort and Campground is the Uvas Reservoir. It’s a great spot to photograph waterfalls, wildlife and the lake (reservoir). Read More

Shark Fin Cove

shark fin cove beach

We found this beach from Jon Siemien sending us a link to the top 10 most scenic beaches in the USA. It was a little difficult to find, we stopped at 3 locations and finally had to find a local guy with no teeth to DSC_0239give us specific directions. Once we knew the general area of where it was at you can actually see it from the PCH if you know where to look. The view from the PCH was amazing, the beach is even better! Read More

Pinnacles National Park is a climbers playground! My pictures DO NOT do this place justice and I understand why this was made a National Park in 2013. I went here well before sunrise to go hiking, climbing, and caving. I didn’t really know what to expectalone at national park but the thing that really surprised me is that I was the only person here. I had the entire National Park to myself! The only other people I saw was a climbing couple who showed up just as I was leaving. Read More

big sur rv

Mistake #37, driving through big sur with a fully loaded RV. Big sur is absolutely beautiful. DSC_0248Since we’ve camped here before we opted not to stay in Big Sur but I wanted to drive through it on our way to Santa Cruz. The scenery was epic, but so was the fuel cost! Read More

rv solvang

Located about 15 miles outside of Santa Barbara is the city of Solvang. It’s one of the most unique cities I’ve ever been to. All the buildings look Danishrv parking in solvang and the city is very tourist friendly. They even have an RV parking lot on the main street at the police station.

We parked and walked around the downtown area. There are 2 things that are prevalent in this town, Bakeries (danishes) and Wine Tasting rooms from local wineries. Read More