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 Your customers are clearly online, are you there to meet them where they
are hanging out? A recent case study showed that RV Dealership foot 
traffic is slowly fading. It’s being replaced by clicks and taps of 
online shoppers. With so many potential customers using social networks 
to stay connected today, is this really a marketing avenue you can afford 
to ignore?
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Why you need Social Media:

Social Media Management can be time consuming and often requires a creative understanding of one’s industry. We’ve visited over 1100 RV Dealership sites and their social media networks. Many attempt it with little understanding and expertise, yielding little to no results. In fact many of the people managing social media for Dealerships don’t even RV! You MUST know your industry extensively to be effective. We know your industry because WE ARE your industry. No other social media company can offer you this type of authentic management.

Word of mouth marketing has always existed but now businesses are able to harness the power of word of mouth by becoming a part of the conversation online. We will create unique content centered around your dealership and the RV industry. Giving people a reason to talk about your brand will undoubtedly increase your client base.

The only way to make sales is for your customers to know that you exist. If no one knows about you, how can they purchase an RV from you? How can they get their RV serviced by you? People – your customers – are spending their time on social media sites. They are looking for companies there. Consumers are no longer searching the Yellow Pages, they are searching on social media sites. Social media allows you to showcase your brand and get others talking about it too.


There are over one billion people using facebook, which makes it the most lucrative form of marketing one can use for their business. 93% of adults in America have Facebook. 62% of consumers believe a brand’s facebook page is more useful than their website. Facebook pages for business have been designed to target and brand your business, allowing you to reach potential customers like never before. But just creating a simple page is no longer enough. Your facebook page needs to be optimized to engage both potential and current customers, through likes, shares and comments.

Most businesses encounter an issue translating Facebook into increased profit that handle their social media “in house”. Typically they don’t have the time, knowledge and expertise to be effective.  There is simply too much opportunity to not outsource this to an expert. The most important way that Facebook can increase your ROI is by establishing a level of trust in your potential customers. Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. Studies show 81% of consumers indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchasing decisions. This means that if someone is looking for an RV Dealership and their friend has “liked” one on Facebook, they are 81% more likely to use that company due to it being reputable enough that their friend endorsed them.

To take advantage of all that Facebook can do, we begin with the task of growing and engaging your potential community. We will create catchy graphics that convey your Dealership and the feeling they will have in their RV.

To create engagement, we post compelling content catered specifically to your Dealership. This will include:

  • Promoting your specific services
  • Posting visual content
  • Post time sensitive posts catered at different audiences
  • Current RV topics
  • Asking direct questions
  • Creating target-specific content
  • Entertaining videos highlighting the benefits of RVing

By using these strategies, we can engage followers and keep them current on what’s going on in the RV industry and specifically with your business. We will collaborate with you on sales, events, etc.

The Power of Blogging:

Google places quality blog posting on top of their algorithm to rank specific keywords. Using this effectively will allow your dealership to rank well when people in your local area search for an RV dealership or a specific type of RV. We will create keyword rich Blog posts for you to share on your blog as well as keyword the posts on our site for you.

Have you ever advertised in a magazine or local newspaper? Studies show that blogs have been shown to influence purchasing decisions 63% more than magazines or newspapers.

Want more leads? Companies with blogs get 97% more inbound leads than others.


Contrary to what most people seem to think, Youtube is not just a platform to feature videos of cute cats. Youtube, with a larger cumulative membership base than Facebook and Twitter combined, also serves as a very effective social media platform. Google’s search engine weighs Youtube videos heavily in their algorithm. As google sees it, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then thousands of pictures streamed together is worth a lot more.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Networks with over 70 million users. The goal of using pinterest is to drive traffic to your website.


A recent study showed that instagram users are 58x more likely to like, comment or share than on facebook. Instgram is fun and is really effective for the RV community through localized hashtags. There are over 300 million people using this channel.

Spam Management:

We provide spam management to keep your social media clean.

Peak Times:

With your package we will engage customers on your behalf and at peak times. Did you know that different audiences engage more at specific times, and that people are looking for different things at 11am on a Monday, versus 3pm on a Friday.

Forum and Site Engagement:

One of the most effective ways to market your business is forum and site engagement. We use specific keyword rich engagement to get you ranked in search engines.


How do you currently measure your social media success? Are your efforts going into a black hole? If you’re not measuring, then it’s just a hobby. They are critical to seeing your return on investment. We will send you monthly reporting.

No Contract:

No contract. Our goal is to meet your social media needs. The bottom line is if you aren’t happy we aren’t happy.

Interested? Contact Us!

♦ If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (763) 807-9537 or shoot us an e-mail at, we’d love to hear from you! ♦

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