The Easiest Way to Break Your iPhone in an RV

I broke Danielle’s iPhone….

RV Learning Lesson #137 = How to avoid breaking your iphone, or anything else that is not secured properly, in the bouncing house on wheels.

I went to our mirror medicine cabinet and opened the door. We thought our hair spray would be fine sitting on top of some other stuff. It was a full can so it had a good amount of weight to it.

DSC_0003It shot out of the cabinet like it was trying to escape. It landed with the corner of the metal bottom directly in the center of her phone. It shattered it. The rods you see in the photo are placed in there to keep things secured while you travel. They do an excellent job. We won’t risk not securing things again haha.

We took it downtown Gilroy to Robot Shark. They had it fixed within an hour and the cost was the most reasonable in the area.

Gilroy (52)

The staff was super friendly and they are dog friendly!Gilroy (62)

(We forgot to take a picture of the broken iPhone but we took a before and after of another clients device while we were there.)

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

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