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“The most authentic Marketing Agency in the RV Industry”.

Back in 2014 I packed in the corporate lifestyle to Travel across America seeking Adventure & Entrepreneurship full time in an RV.

Almost immediately I saw a glaring need for RV Dealerships, Manufacturers and Campgrounds to capitalize on driving sales from social media.

Having personally gone through the buying process of multiple RVs, getting them serviced/repaired, along with everyday living, working and exploring 43 states in an RV for many years; it’s allowed us to have incredible insight into the consumer’s perspective. Which has turned out to be incredibly value-able for our clients.

So we took that theory and ran with it. Our stellar team is comprised of Marketers who are also RVers. Most have been or are full timers. That allows us to authentically connect with our client’s audience in a unique way that beats out our competition.

Our team is proud to be a part in growing the RV & Outdoor Industries through online marketing.

If you love RVing, camping or marketing within the RV/Outdoor Industry; check out the video below and be sure to join us on Social Media as we document the RV Life on the Open Road.

271234162_10102977595267391_4834850952354299168_nEric Hannan is an adventurer, social media and sales expert. He has personally written thousands of Facebook ads, created content for some of the largest brands in the RV Industry, and customized sales & marketing programs for fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Originally from Princeton Minnesota, at the age of 25 Eric moved to Southern California. He opened BE Marketing Concepts, which quickly grew to over 100 employees. 

Now, Shorelooksnice is one of the largest Social Media Marketing Agencies in the RV Industry, where they marry Social Media expertise with a team who are living the RV Lifestyle.  

Home Base: With the demand for our Marketing Agency and our kids hitting school age, we’ve settled into one of the Top RV Friendly Cities in America, Myrtle Beach, SC.

If you have interest in working with the most authentic RV Marketing Agency in the Industry or have any questions about the RV Life don’t hesitate to reach out!

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♦ If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (763) 807-9537 or shoot us an e-mail at Eric@shorelooksnice.com, we’d love to hear from you! ♦

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25 Comments on “About Shorelooksnice

  1. My boyfriend Wade Plillips and myself met you both at TT Clermont this weekend. Love your new rig! Loved watching a couple of videos too. Will watch more when we get home and I can see it better on my puter screen. Happy Trails.

    • Thanks for the kind words Cheryl! It was great meeting you guys! We made it safe down to Peace River haha. In 2 weeks we head up to Optimum RV in Ocala to shoot “House Hunters for RVs” and will be staying in Orlando. Stop on by and say hello if you’re still around.

      • Hi! This is Ken and Amy from Big Lake MN ..Did you shoot the RV House Hunters? And if so when will it air? Love House Hunters!

  2. We were so happy to meet you and that you were able to join us at our barbecue. It was such a beautiful afternoon/evening and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. We will have to do a repeat when you get back to Thousand Trails Peace River. See you soon…stay safe.

  3. Eric! Don’t know if you remember me from GCN in Irvine or not but I have to say WOW. This is awesome. This is something I have wanted to do for a while and watching your video was inspiring. I’m sure you guys are having a blast exploring the country and I just wanted to say congrats for the putting it all in the table and going for it! Super jealous and super impressed 👍

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  6. So, ya left sunny and dysfunctional CA? Well, that’s a good sign. This is a really large country and it is truly amazing, I’ve travelled and worked internationally. Was president and CEO of multiple companies, yadda, yadda, yadda. My point is simple. We in the US live in a unique country with incredible opportunities and beauty. I make my living not via the web or online sales and marketing. So I can say I have absolutely no economic benefit from my travels. They simply get me to where I need to be or where I choose to be.

  7. So I’m up late watching the travel channel and I see Eric Hannan and his wife shopping for a new RV. I can’t believe it. It’s like one of those stories we used to make up when I was taping your ankles before football practice. “Remember that time I saw you on that tv show?” Way to go Eric! – Ryan Jensen

  8. Hi guys, my wife and I have been following your blogs and films ever since we saw you on tv buying your road warrior. We just purchased our 2017 road warrior 425 and will be full timers soon, a new chapter in our lives and looking foward to it, my wife is skeptical about the all in one w/d, any input will be helpful also I’m towing it with a f350 6.7 diesel 4×4 dully similar to your Chevy never towed anything this big, how do you think it will handle. Regards from St. Augustine FL

    • Hey Larry! Congrats on the Road Warrior! Tell her not to be skeptical about the w/d, we’ve heard a lot of negative things from people about them but keep in mind how fast the technology advances and most of the stories I’ve heard are from opinions formed years ago. I get dirty a lot and with a baby we do A LOT of laundry in the RV and it’s been perfectly fine. The downsides are just that it takes 3-5 hours to do a load, a little bit smaller load than in a traditional w/d, and it has some shake to the RV in certain times during the cycle. The pros of having laundry with you on the road far outweighs the small inconveniences, at least for us anyways. I had never towed anything big at all before jumping into this either, take your time and you’ll be fine. Don’t be in a rush and it’s ok if you miss a turn cause you’re not sure you can make it. I learned from Youtube videos how to pull a 5th wheel and recommend it. The truck you have is a good choice, you won’t have any issues pulling the beast! It’s actually really impressive how it handles in the mountains, we’ve always felt safe.

  9. So I just stumbled upon your blog & at good timing. I’ve been thinking about getting an RV to live in & also do some traveling with my dog, cat & motorcycle. My neighbors always says that I’m basically renting a large expensive storage unit…lol My question would be …what do you do about your mail? Not that I care to continue getting it but there are some important papers that I still need…lol
    Thanks & happy traveling maybe we’ll run into each other some day!

    • Great question! Most RV Park will allow packages to be delivered but not mail. We moved all of our bills/etc digital so we very rarely get mail. If we do, we have a relative who collects it for us.

  10. Hi! What model is your Road Warrior and what is the length? Can you get the shortbed with the road warrior I read somewhere you can? My wife and I are looking now to go full time in the spring. We love your website and videos!

    • Hey AJ, Thanks for reaching out. We have the Road Warrior 25 which is 44 ft. The RW has a design that DOES allow shortbeds on all their models. We would have went with one but were in a bit of a crunch to find a truck that would pull it since we spontaneously bought the 5th wheel. Thanks for the kind words and let me know if you have any other questions. If you have any questions about the RW reach out to Bobby.Binkier@Heartlandrvs.com. He’s great and will give you all the technical info you need!

  11. Do you find your 1000 trail membership still a value to you. Do you use it much and do you have any issues with the 44ft length at their parks?

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  13. I love seeing a couple of midwestern kids (from MN!) making it big! I grew up in Brandon, MN. I know where Princeton is. Now line in MPLS. The house is going on the market on August 1, 2019. We will enter the RVing fulltime life soon.

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