If you asked yourself why you enjoy camping at the Beach I bet you’d have a few hot buttons that pop into your mind. Maybe some experiences come up in your mind that you enjoyed years ago.

Different strokes for different folks couldn’t be more true for RV Camping. With countless reasons to want to camp at the beach we wanted to highlight some of the common ones we’ve seen over the years.

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Have you ever wondered “what’s the best way to sell my used camper” and looked into how to sell a used RV? We work within the RV Industry and have personally gone through the process of selling our used RV so we wanted to provide some insight to others like yourself if you’re wondering “How do I sell my used RV”.

What are the Options to Sell a Used RV?

As with most things in life, selling a used RV isn’t a once size fits all type thing. Your goal may be to sell it quickly, without hassle and you’re willing to sacrifice on price. Maybe your goal is to hold out for the right price or you’re willing to put in a bunch of work into selling it to get the top dollar value.

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Vacations never should be boring; but if we’re honest with ourselves, some experiences are much better than others. So we’ve compiled 10 random unique RV Vacations that we really enjoyed, in hopes that some of you will also.

Surfing on the California Wine Trail

I think it’s pretty common to want an RV Vacation filled with wine and California Beaches. At the Thousand Trails Morgan Hill RV Resort you’re able to fully enjoy what California has to offer.


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Are you a tent camper? If so you might have wondered what the joys of RVing entail and why people upgrade to RVs from tent camping.

As they say “there are different strokes for different folks”. Each person has their own set of reasons based on their circumstances but we’ve put together a list of ones that held true for us.

You Can’t Forget An RV

Have you ever been anticipating a tent camping trip to the lake with your significant other all week long. Friday afternoon you jet out of work and road trip to the campground…

You whip out the cooler & cornhole and play a couple games. Then it’s time to be responsible and set up the tent, only to find that you forgot the tent…

Pro Tip: Men if you REALLY want to upgrade to an RV but you’re Wife isn’t ready yet, try this technique. When they start talking to you again they’ll be ready to get an RV because you can’t forget to bring an RV…

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When the love of camping and the love of coffee comes together, it’s a wonderful thing. I remember back in my tent camping days it was a pain to get my coffee. As I reflect on my RV camping coffee drinking, I’ve realized there’s a lot of different scenarios that if you LOVE coffee, RVing can wake you up to a whole new world of coffee fun!

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I recently spoke with a large RV Dealership client of ours. We (Shorelooksnice) do the social media marketing for 13 of their locations. They’re part of the recent flood of clients who are significantly increasing their investment into the Facebook Ads we run for them.

It makes sense why they would upgrade, we’re getting highly targeted people to click to our client’s website from Facebook to get more information on an RV for just 3-10 cents per click.

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What is the best moped for an RVer? As an avid RVer, we know the challenges of needing a convenient & easy way to run local errands, explore, and zip around the campground. So we’re constantly looking for solutions to the common challenges us RVers face.


It’s an Electric Moped for RVers. Which you could sort of describe as a small motorcycle that’s silent, easy to haul, easy to use and fun. It has a lot of the same upsides as motorcycles such as the fun & freedom you feel; but is designed for a specific purpose – The RVers Local Ride.

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What is the best type of kayak for an RVer? For so many of us RVers, getting out into the great outdoors is one of the biggest reasons we started RVing. As technology and design of the RVs change and improve, so do the ancillary products that help us enjoy the nature and adventure that we love so much.

One of the big improvements we’ve seen is the kayak industry and how it has adapted for the RV Community. Let’s break down the options with a broad stroke and then dive into the review of what we feel is the best kayak for the RV Community.

Traditional Kayaks

These are the hard and heavy kayaks you’ve used and seen for years. They perform well and have some big advantages, but as with most things there are 2 sides to it…

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Awnings are our friend. We use them ALL THE TIME while RVing and for a variety of reasons and we love them.

My company does the social media for a large awning manufacturer and it got me thinking about all the different reasons why we use our awnings. So here are some random thoughts about the importance of awnings on your RV and the uses we have with them.

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Would you like to know EXACTLY how to select a social media agency for your RV Dealership? Maybe you’re a manufacturer or a campground who is struggling to find your solution to social media sales?

Whatever your situation we’ve created the ultimate guide for RV Dealerships to hire a social media marketing agency. Last year we reached over 75 million campers on social media for our dealership clients so we’ve taken that experience to put this guide together for you to make the best decision for your dealership in regards to social media.Save money (39) Read More