Visiting Big Cities across the country has been one of the big highlights of RVing. Seattle is such a neat city and it was great to say “we want to visit this city” and then create a plan, then make it happen.  Read More

Olympic National Park is one of those rare places that are on another level. It’s been on our RV Bucket List since we started traveling full time and it lived up to the expectations. Read More

Being a Professional Camper, I take pride in my campfire abilities. We’ve found over the years that there’s a few ways you can prepare, so you can have an easy time getting to the relaxing part of the campfire process. Read More

If you ever catch yourself watching tours of factories on TV or shows about how things are made; you’d love taking tours across the country in an RV. You can visit both things that you have an interest in and also things that you’ve always been curious about but maybe haven’t had much exposure to previously.  Read More

Facebook Marketing for RV Dealerships is on fire. The dealerships that have taken this marketing channel serious over the past few years are CRUSHING it (early adopters)! If you aren’t sold that this is a powerful marketing channel for our industry, I would encourage you to read my RV Case Study.

I own one of the largest Social Media Companies in the RV Industry. It was started and run 100% from an RV. In fact as I’m writing this I’m in my Toy Hauler. Throughout our journey we’ve seen the good, bad and ugly that dealerships do with Facebook Marketing and wanted to share a few of the most common mistakes dealerships make so that you can adjust what you’re doing and avoid them.  Read More

RVing with a baby is a wonderful thing. It gives a new and authentic meaning to a Toy Hauler. Ella was has only known the RV Life. She’s lived in 19 states in the the first year and through it all we’ve learned a few things about what’s worked for us in RVing Full Time with a Baby.

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If you aren’t camping in the yard, you’re missing out on a world of fun! No seriously; Yamping (Yard Camping) turns a regular day into a creative adventure. So why would you camp in the yard? Here’s a few reasons why we Yamp like Champs. Read More

20 Reasons You Should RV

Life is short. I believe if more people knew the type of experiences they could enjoy while traveling in an RV, way more people would do it. Whether you’re looking to pack up and hit the road full time or just be weekend warriors; here’s some of the reasons why YOU NEED TO RV! Read More

Rugged Northern Oregon

A Surfer’s Paradiseindian-beach-100-400l-158-1

Paradise alert! The drive here is spectacular, and that’s just the beginning… Indian Beach in Oregon is one of the state’s gems, and that’s saying a lot.

Ecola State Park is absolutely stunning. It’s so lush and green that it almost doesn’t feel real. The road in is a little narrow when you pass cars coming the other way but it’s top notch when it comes to the scenery. I had to pull over a few times to soak in the forest views. Read More



Danielle and I both had never been to Portland. She wanted to get away for a long weekend and have a vacation from our vacation lifestyle. I figured it would be a nice change and I always enjoy experiencing a different form of the travel industry (hotels).

We booked a hotel in Portland using Cheaptickets. Before any vacation the dogs can tell when we’re packing and they sit by the luggage, just to make sure in case they need to remind us that they want to come with. Lucky for them our hotel was pet friendly.

rocky-creek-6We left the ocean to head inland to the big city. It doesn’t matter how many big cities we’ve been in, it’s always exciting to explore a new city or area. Typically I do a lot of research before we visit a new area but this was somewhat last minute. That meant every thing was a surprise and we had to use the things we’ve learned over the years to pull together a great trip on the fly. Read More