How You Can Enjoy Las Vegas at a Fraction of the Cost

photo 2 (14)Las Vegas is a hot spot for vacationers. When most people think of going to Vegas they think of booking a flight, paying too much for a hotel and hitting the Casinos…but what many don’t know is that Vegas is a great place to bring your RV to enjoy the same activities, but at a fraction of the cost.

There are a lot of great RV Resorts to stay at in Vegas. Casinos will typically allow you to stay overnight in their parking lot. We stayed at the Thousand Trails RV Resort which is located .5 miles away from two large Casinos. Since we are members of Thousand Trails we stayed for free.

Once we get setup at a campsite we like to go on a bike ride to check out the campground and take a look at all the cool RVs that are there.

photo 2 (7)

They have a nice pool/hot tub and recreation center.

photo 4 (8)

Although the campground is a little more crowded than we were use to, it was to be expected when you are Camping in such a large urban area. photo 2 (23)

The sunsets were absolutely gorgeous and we loved being outside grilling while the sun went down. You can save money having a fully stocked fridge in an RV versus always having to go out.

photo 1 (26)photo 4 (3)

We walked on over to the Boulder Casino to watch the Vikings game, Danielle is a huge fan! We also had the best buffet we’ve ever had here! Low prices, incredible food and a HUGE selection.

photo 1 (23)

There are so many entertaining shows in Vegas that Bailey wanted to show us that she had a hidden talent of her own…

photo 3 (22)

Date night took us shopping and out to eat at yet another excellent Buffet!

photo 4 (26)

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