Visiting Seattle – Doctor, Gum Wall & The Market

Visiting Big Cities across the country has been one of the big highlights of RVing. Seattle is such a neat city and it was great to say “we want to visit this city” and then create a plan, then make it happen.

Doctor Visits on the Road

While we were there, something happened to Danielle’s toe and she had to get a procedure done on it. Another thing we didn’t expect but thoroughly enjoy is with Ella being able to see all the different hospitals and doctors all over the country. If you’re going to be a full timer and plan on visiting the doctor, it’s important to have a good PPO plan. As a business owner, it’s very expensive for us to provide a good health insurance plan for ourselves but we bit the bullet and it’s worked out for Danielle (I couldn’t tell you how many years it’s been since I’ve gone to the doctor).



The First Starbucksseattle-11

The coffee mogul Starbucks is from Seattle and the first ever store is right near the market, so we grabbed a coffee before heading out to explore the market.

Being a tourist spot it was VERY busy but the lines moved quickly and we were in and out.

The Fish Marketseattle-9

The world famous Seattle Market with the more famous Pike Place Fish Market. They really do entertain their customers and throw fish around.

It’s a big area and expect to take a few hours to explore different stores and views.


While we were walking around I saw this guy sleeping on the job… I hope nobody wants a bagel.


The Gum Wall

The tradition started back in 1993 and has turned into a busy tourist spot. It’s a big wall of gum so it’s nothing to get too excited about but since it’s so close to the fish market it was fun to come and stick some gum on the wall.


Visiting Our Clientsseattle-7

Our business gets customers (campers) for RV Dealerships through social media. We are able to work anywhere that we can get cell phone/WiFi signal. When we’re in an area near one of our clients we like to stop by and visit. This was at Poulsbo RV, the largest dealership in Washington State. It’s always nice to put a face behind the name and see first hand the results of the marketing efforts.


What did we miss when we visited Seattle? Let us know in the comments.

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