Top 25 RV Adventures of 2014

The other day I was looking through some of our RV Adventures from 2014. I wanted to put together a collection of the what I felt are the most entertaining.  Enjoy and keep camping every chance you get! B Surfing6santa cruz surfing2

#25 The Traveling Pomeranian and I went surfing in Santa Cruz, CA. We were staying at an RV Resort in nearby Morgan Hill. We chose Cowells Beach because it’s famous for having long easy waves which are great for stability on a long board. There were 12-18 ft waves less than mile up the coast but because we were in the cove we got to enjoy some great surfing with 2-4 foot waves.

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#24 Colorado National Monument. This place took me by surprise, it was awe inspiring. As soon as you enter the National Monument the road becomes epic. Within 2 miles in we saw a heard of Big Horn Sheep crossing the road in front of us. There is an RV Campground at the top of the Plateau and endless hiking trails. Best (14)

#23 Snowmobile Grass Drags in Princeton, Minnesota. Normally used in the winter, these sleds get over 120 mph in just a quarter mile. They also have a huge snowmobile swap meet.

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#22 Elephant Seal Beach in Central California. We stopped here in our Class C Sunseeker on the way to Big Sur from San Diego. Thousands of these beasts lay around on the beach.

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#21 Watching the River Boats in St. Croix River in Minnesota.

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#20 These two guys had just made it via bike to the Pacific Ocean. This was taken minutes after they arrived from the East Coast. They are traveling the World on Bike and we happened to run into them at this RV Resort in Dillon Beach, CA. You can follow them here.

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#19 Arches National Park is definitely a bucket list location.

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#18 The Bison were roaming around. This guy was laying around and kept popping his massive head up. We loved Yellowstone National Park. We were able to see elk, big horned sheep, and other wildlife.

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#17 The 17 Mile Drive on the California Coast is stunning. The Cypress Tree is one of the most photographed trees in the world.

Best (33)Gordon (28)_edited-1

#16 Gordon’s Pond in Rehoboth Beach Delaware is on the migration path for many species. There is an excellent bike path from Rehoboth to Cape Henlopen State Park which has great Beaches, hiking and bike trails.

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#15 A Minnesota Kayak Adventure with Uncle Mike, Nevaeh and Bailey on Green LakeBest (45)

# 14 Big Sur is a Bucket List Location. The PCH hugs the rugged coast for you to pick and choose which spots you want to pull over, explore and be amazed at its beauty.

DSC_0001 (2)

#13 Rehoboth Beach Delaware is a great place to relax in the sun. The town is busy with endless tourist activities at the Boardwalk in the summer. They have some amazing bike trails here.

DSC_0024DSC_0243 (2) DSC_0039

#12 Central California is filled with scenic vistas, rolling hills and beautiful wine vineyards.


#11 Romantic Horseback Riding in the Mountains of Southern California for Sunset at Rancho Bravo.   DSC_0243DSC_0139

#10 Shark Fin Cove is such a hidden gem on the Rugged Coast of California. Located 30 minutes north of Santa Cruz 2 miles south of Davenport you’ll see the huge Shark Fin Rock off the PCH. We’ve been here multiple times and have almost always had the entire cove to ourselves. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic on the beach.


#9 When we were RVing in Southern California I met up with some friends in Newport Beach to go Surfing one morning. The waves were awesome and it turns out 2 blocks up the beach there was a major surf competition.


#8 Santa Cruz has one of the most scenic beach walks I’ve ever seen. Near the lighthouse the surfers head to the edge of the cliff, toss their board and jump in the water. I first saw this while I was surfing this world famous surf spot. I came in on the rocks about a quarter mile down the coast and paddled out to the cliffs. After hitting a few waves I saw some dude jump off and land near me. It was amazing! We were also there during the Butterfly Migration and after a little searching I found the spot where hundreds of thousands filled the sky less than a quarter mile from the Dog Beach.


#7 Pinnacles National Park is the most recent addition to the National Park Service. Every time I’ve gone I was the only person on the trails. The seclusion and beauty of this place makes it a must visit.


#6 Laguna Beach is one of our favorite towns. We got married at the Surf and Sand Resort which is where the bottom picture was taken while we were at one of our favorite restaurants in Laguna. We were staying at an RV Resort nearby.


San Fran (38)

#5 San Francisco is an iconic city and a great place to visit while traveling.


#4 Hiking the massive Redwoods near Santa Cruz, CA.

DCIM100GOPROphoto (7)photo (34)

#3 Canoe and Kayak trip down the Rum River in Minnesota with Danielle, my brother Mike, and Bailey. We grew up canoeing and love being on the water. Mavericks (1) Mavericks (29)Mavericks (25)

#2 The Mavericks Surf Spot is famous for its Big Waves. In the early years of surfing it was known that if you wanted MASSIVE waves you weren’t going to find them in California. Fast forward to today, Big Wave competitions are held here each year and the spot is well documented. While the 80 foot waves are the big draw to the area, half moon bay is extremely scenic with lots of great hiking trails.


Point R (33) PR (114) PR (380)

#1 Point Reyes National Seashore is a fantastic area to get away. Wildlife are all over the beautiful vistas but I was really impressed with watching the Wind Surfers get some air at sunset on a windy day.

This year we logged a lot of hours in the outdoors. We feel blessed to have captured these incredible images (in no particular order) however, anybody can experience their own adventures. Being at the right place at the right time usually means somebody is taking lots of shots and finally scores a goal. These are a few of our goals from many shots.

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  1. You make going out in an RV sound really glorious! I have been thinking of taking out the wife and kids to a vacation and this really seems like our cup of tea. Perhaps we’ll have to set up a time to go out and do this, but first we need to rent an RV!

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