Ancient Ruins – The Secret Jamul Kiln

Usually, when we get to a new Campground I ask the rangers, owners, and locals about places of interest in addition to my online research. When we were at the Pio Pico RV Resort this paid off big time. The ranger let us know about a secret hike from the campground that takes you to Ancient Ruins that have been virtually untouched over the years. 

Kiln (26)

The Kiln BusinessKiln (16)

The Jamul Cement works (also called the Jamul Kiln) was an Entrepreneurial Venture from back in the 1800s. It was a doomed venture from the beginning as the project ran into challenges from the beginning.

Hiking with the Baby for the First Time

We had been itching Kiln (33)to get out and go hiking with the baby since we had just gotten back on the road from Minnesota. This was the perfect hike for us since it was relatively flat and easy. As always in San Diego the weather was amazing.

The Big Secret

It’s been kept a secret by Adventurers so that it could be preserved over the years from a lot of traffic and graffiti. In fact, I couldn’t find much at all about the location online. If you are lucky enough to visit these awesome ruins keep in mind to Leave No Trace.

Kiln (6)The trail itself coming from the campground is a nice country road and after a few miles (I believe it was around 7 round-trips) in the backcountry, you’ll find yourself approaching the Kiln. It stands out from quite a distance as it’s in the middle of a field in the rolling hills and mountain ridges. It sort of looks like an abandoned castle as you get closer and is bigger than I expected. It’s incredible how intact the structure is.

The Border PatrolKiln (21)

There was a heavy presence of the Border Patrol around here. There were 2 times where their Helicopter was circling right above us checking things out. I was told afterward that we tripped their motion sensors, sending them to us.

Can’t a Coyote get some Privacy?

It’s always fun to see wildlife on our travels. I happened to catch movement from the side and looked over, focused my eyes and noticed these Coyotes. I snapped a few pictures and when I got home and looked at the pics I realized one of them was using the restroom on the trail.

Kiln (8)

Even though this Coyote didn’t Kiln (3)get its privacy we sure did. Other than the Border Patrol dropping in on us we didn’t see a single another person. We feel so blessed to be able to travel and explore such incredible areas. If you’re RVing to the Pio Pico RV Resort make sure to get the details from the ranger and DO THIS HIKE!

Kiln (18)



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