Sleeping at Walmart

photo 3 (14)Walmart encourages RVers to park overnight when they travel. It’s a safe place often with 24 hour security where you can rest and restock your supplies. Many even have RV sections, we froze and cracked (more like exploded) our water filter while we were in Cottonwood, AZ and Walmart had the Camco filter we needed to easily replace it ourselves. The local guy was 25% more expensive and we would have had to wait 2 days for him to get the parts. Love it or hate it, Walmart’s size helps them succeed in giving their customers cheaper and faster products than most businesses, consistently.

DSC_0044One time we were in Southern Utah and were heading through Page, AZ to Zion and Bryce. We were we planned on staying overnight at the Walmart Parking Lot since we were just going to enjoy the Sunset and then the Sunrise at Horseshoe Bend and head out. When we came around to the back parking area we realized WE WERE PARKING ON THE COLORADO RIVER! This night at Walmart turned out to be really scenic. In fact, you could even walk to Horseshoe Bend from Walmart (we opted to drive the 2 min). 


Have you spent the night at Walmart? Do you have a tip on where to spend the night while traveling? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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  3. Does the Page, Az Walmart allow overnighting?

  4. HI just wanted you to know the Wal-Mart in Cottonwood, Arizona no longer allows overnight parking in any vehicle. You can Google Wal-Mart cottonwood az to see why.

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