Everybody needs a little Yamping in their Lives

Yamping (Yard Camping)

Have you heard the Kacey Musgraves song: “My House”. It’s about bringing “My house to you”. Some of our favorite memories have been bringing our RV to friends and family. Nothing beats a little Yamping (Yard Camping) at a friends house, your own, or a business.

There are so many reasons to Yamp. You may not have much time off of work and can’t get away long enough to go on a “real vacation”. You may be testing out your new RV or doing some maintenance. Maybe you have friends or family in town and need a place for them to stay. Or, maybe you are visiting friends or family and are Yamping on their property. Whatever your reason to Yamp, Yamping is a great way to spend quality time with the people you care about.

In San Diego we visited the Richard’s and parked for a few days in their large Drive Way. It was nice to wake up, have some coffee and go for a morning walk with your friends.

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1925118_10103508205844218_4528405458633182528_nRecently we Yamped with our friends Mike and Neena who live in Waveland, MS. They live just a couple of blocks away from the Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. This is such a beautiful area. I was shocked to see the impact that Katrina had on this area. It was ground zero for Katrina and 85% of the houses were wiped out. We saw boats in trees and houses that were still in shambles.

Both the Richards and the Adamski’s just had babies just a few months ago so it was great to be able to travel to them and share this special time.


Another great reason to Yamp is to make camping with your family a priority, even if it means you have to do it in the yard. Studies show that camping creates a bond within a family and there is truth behind the quote “a family that camps together, stays together.” If it’s at your home, you can get creative and truly make it a memorable experience.

I know people who buy cheap property in scenic locations and Yamp with their RV on weekends on their vacation property. Many times this is an inexpensive way to have a 2nd home, a lake cabin, or a hunting shack.

Light the campfire in the yard, pull out the smores and let the stories roll.

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