RV Adventure: Snowmobile Grass Drags

Imagine walking out of your RV and watching snowmobiles flying down the track at 150 mph… except that’s it’s in the summer! Located in Princeton Minnesota, the Outlaw Snowmobile Grass Drags was one of the most unique RV Adventure’s we’ve been to.

This is a huge event. Snowmobile fans and enthusiasts come from all over the country and Canada to enjoy an extended weekend of snowmobile fun. You don’t have to be a snowmobile fan to enjoy the festivities, but be warned, if this is your first time around snowmobiles and it’s culture there is a good chance you’ll get hooked on the sport.

There’s a few different areas to camp for RVs. The main area is open to the general public where anybody can come and Boondock. The other areas are for local snowmobile club members to come together as a group and enjoy time together. Everyone seems to mingle together and have a great time. There was a large group of Canadians who brought their RVs down for the event and a lot of us stopped by and had a great time hanging out with them… A.

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This is the area for the Mystic Rider Snowmobile Club. They not only work the event but many of them also volunteer year round by clearing trails and fundraising to keep the local trails in great riding condition.

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The campers in the club section were all provided hook ups from a huge generator.

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They put on a huge meal and get together for the volunteers to reward them for their hard work.

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Being an entrepreneur, I LOVE seeing kids trying to make a buck. This kid was selling rocks with faces that he would draw on. I got a kick out of his sign, “let’s make a deal”! Unfortunately he didn’t take credit card so I wasn’t a customer, but when he turns 18 I’d hire him! Gotta love someone getting creative to run a business!!

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If you’re not from up north you might not be familiar with ice fishing houses. Just like RVing there’s a huge variety but a lot of them are coming with the same amenities and conveniences as the RVs! You can sit back on the couch watching the game with a hot fresh meal cooked in the stove all while fishing! It’s like a mini cabin on the frozen lake.

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Thomas Sno Sports is a fantastic local Snowmobile Dealership. When I was growing up in the area we would bring our sleds in every year to get serviced and repaired when we crashed. The owner is an honest guy and treats customers well with fair pricing. Grass Drags (11)_tonemapped

There’s fun for everyone in the family. Kids have an opportunity to race on a separate oval track. They install small wheels on the front skis and the kids zip around this track to have fun and prepare for when they’re old enough to compete with the big sleds.

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What would be an event like this without fair food and cheese curds!?!Grass Drags (67)_tonemapped

Looking for some spare parts or vintage gear? They have a HUGE swap meet to buy and sell snowmobiles, parts and gear. Grass Drags (78)_tonemapped

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The racers hang out in the pits and are constantly adjusting their sleds and getting them ready to race.

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The big attraction is watching the races. They have all different types of snowmobiles from the latest and greatest to old vintage sleds.

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If found it funny that if you look in the background of this picture the truck to car ratio is pretty skewed. You won’t find many prius’ here.

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They electronically track the speed of the racers. All the big snowmobile manufacturers come out for this event. Grass Drags (133)_tonemapped

It’s incredible how powerful these machines are!

Grass Drags (145)_tonemapped Grass Drags (159)_tonemapped

It was so neat to sit back and watch snowmobile racing in a t-shirt and shorts with a bunch of RVs in the background!Grass Drags (174)_tonemapped

It’s not just for snowmobile racing. They have 4 wheel races as well.

Grass Drags (190)_tonemapped Grass Drags (193)_tonemapped

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We were lucky enough to have a rare unicorn sighting.

Grass Drags (188)

Just another RV Event bringing friends and family together.

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What would a camping trip be without Cornhole!?!

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How about you? What’s the most unique RV Event you’ve attended?

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