RVing to Central Minnesota’s Farmland

Being out in the country where you can’t see your neighbors feels so free. Being RVers we have the opportunity to seek out this freedom whenever we want. Which is part of why we wanted to spend a good chunk of our Summer in Central Minnesota.

Out here, big trucks and 4 Wheelers fit in perfectly. Which is good cause we have a big truck to pull our Toy Hauler. We rode on some trails around the area.


My buddies’ dog thinks he’s camouflaged…


Who hid better?


After living in Southern California for 8 years or so, we’ve come to thoroughly enjoy watching thunderstorms roll in.


On a warm day it’s nice to be able to relax a pool. Kids can splash around and yell as loud as they want without any neighbors to annoy.


Although it’s tough to get lost in fields, it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment. DSC_0089_tonemapped

These “common white” wheat fields are filled with entertainment. Just walk along the field and countless grasshoppers will leap ahead of you in all directions to move out of your way. We had some fun with this by recording this in slow motion on our phone (oops, I accidentally deleted the footage). When you slow it down you can see that they actually flip and spin through the air in hopes to land the big air jump, really neat!


Ah yes, another beautiful sunset!


The biggest difference of the country vs the city is at night. With clear skies the stars seem to pop out at you. On a night at the Bonfire we enjoyed watching the Northern Lights shoot across the sky above the field.


What about you? Have you visited Central Minnesota? Share your experience below.

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