Visiting Minnesota in an RV

Minnesota is a great place to visit IMG_6611in the summer! It has beautiful lakes, woods, farmland, and a great culture of “nice” people. It’s the cold of the winter that scares people (and rightfully so).

Change is one of the constants of life. Embrace it, live it and love it.

While we were RVing in Minnesota for the summer something happened that changed the entire circumstances of our pregnancy, and plans…

We had a complication in the pregnancy. Fox Lake (156)Danielle’s doctor told us we weren’t allowed to travel the rest of the pregnancy. Now our stay would extend through the fall and we’d be fleeing the cold just as winter settles in to head on a Border to Border trip from San Diego to Seattle over seven months or so!

Yes, Danielle won the wife lottery. She was given specific instructions by the doctor to watch all the netflix and hulu she wanted while relaxing in bed or on the couch. She also was given permission to ask me to take on her chores and anything that involved lifting anything and she had fun with it! (it really wasn’t that bad)

So what’s it like to spend the summer in Minnesota? There’s one way to describe the experience, “Lakes”!

Fox Lake (54)Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” Minnesota actually has around 12,000. In fact there is more Shoreline in Minnesota than California, Florida and Hawaii combined. They are everywhere, but there’s so much more than this. Outside Magazine ranked Duluth, MN as the #1 outdoor city in America with Minneapolis a close 3rd. Here’s just some of the things we enjoyed while RVing in Minnesota for the Summer.

Urban Kayaking

The ultimate MPLS urban adventure is to head down the Mississippi River. To check out more about this Urban Kayking Adventure click Here.

The Northern Lights

Can someone say BUCKET LIST ADVENTURE! Being up north offers the perfect chance to witness this incredible wonder. To read about our Northern Lights Adventure click Here.


Central Minnesota

The great plains are filled with farmland. It was nice to be able to slow things down for a bit. To read more about our visit to Central Minnesota click Here.


Camping at the Races

We always love a good Boondocking Adventure! To read more about our Race Car Camping Adventure click Here.

Paul Bunyan

He’s from this area. In fact, we saw a huge statue of him when we watched the Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Races.

Dragon Boat (17)

He also showed up at the fair after the kids horse competition.

Tiny Tots (32)


Yard Camping is one of the great joys of RVing. We felt blessed to be able to Yamp at my parents towards the end of our pregnancy.

Princeton RV Trip (4).JPG

Snowmobiles in the Summer

Watching snowmobile races is fun. Watching them in the summer while wearing shorts is on another level. To check out more about our visit to the grass drags click Here.

Northern Minnesota

One of our biggest highlights of our MN visit was spending time up north.

Fox Lake (36)

Kayaking in Northern Minnesota

Paddling out in the calm water with the Loons calling out is an experience tough to forget.

4 Wheeling in Northern Minnesota

Fields, Forests and Meadows… To read more about our 4 Wheeling RV Adventure click Here.

The Big City

Minneapolis is such a clean and beautiful city! To read more about heading to the Big City click here. 

Fall Foliage

There were a few times that my jaw dropped at the beauty of the forest.


We enjoyed our time in Minnesota so much that we think we’re going to head back this summer! If you have any ideas of things to do or places to go let us know in the comments!


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