The Best moped for an rv – flux EM1 moped review

What is the best moped for an RVer? As an avid RVer, we know the challenges of needing a convenient & easy way to run local errands, explore, and zip around the campground. So we’re constantly looking for solutions to the common challenges us RVers face.


It’s an Electric Moped for RVers. Which you could sort of describe as a small motorcycle that’s silent, easy to haul, easy to use and fun. It has a lot of the same upsides as motorcycles such as the fun & freedom you feel; but is designed for a specific purpose – The RVers Local Ride.

One of the challenges we’ve faced many times over the years is having a convenient solution for short term travel. So here’s a few common scenarios we’ve seen and ran into personally and how the Flux Moped solves them.

Driving a Big Truck Is Stressful

Danielle hates driving the big dually truck. She likes to shop A LOT when we travel to new places and this beast isn’t great at parking lots…

Like the one time she pulled out of CVS and didn’t notice the GEO Metro next to her. It crunched…

I avoid those situations and typically park on the far side of the parking lot. I enjoy walking anyways and I’d love to give others the opportunity to park closer (that’s what I tell myself).

We would often debate if the hassle of running a quick errand or to pick up something at the grocery store with a large truck was worth it.

Hauling A Tow Vehicle Is A Pain

When we had our Class C RV we had a tow vehicle behind that we towed with a car trailer. I dreaded loading up the car more than dumping the black tank.

One time in Morrow Bay, CA we were heading up in the hills and I happened to look back and notice the car was about to come off the trailer. Luckily I was able to pull over and it was just a near miss…

I can remember a few times where we were just staying overnight while traveling through an area and needed to head into town to get some things (like supper).

I would have to go through the entire process (in the dark) of unloading the car and then in the morning I had to get up extra early and load the car back up again. Not the most fun I’ve ever had.

Many RVers with a Class C are choosing to skip the hassle of a tow vehicle and switch to a moped for local travel mainly out of convenience.

Visiting The Campground Amenities

Some of the best RV Resorts are on huge properties and have awesome amenities that are spread out. If you’re campsite isn’t near an amenity that you want to enjoy, you could easily be walking 1/2 mile each way. So much time and energy wasted to do something fun.

Oh and they also typically have very limited truck/car parking so they can maximize the space on the property for RVs and amenities that draw people in and keep them coming back.

That means if you want to zip over to the heated pool or jump into the ocean, you’d have to walk. This picture was taken when we had a campsite that I wouldn’t have wanted to walk because it was so far away.

On the same trip they have a coffee shop on site but it inconveniently was also on the other side of the campground.

Being a travel blogger and owning a social media marketing agency for the RV Industry, I love being able to grind out a few hours of focused work at a coffee shop on my travels. I’ve been able to see so many over the years, and eat so many great pastries!

I need to be efficient with my time. I wouldn’t have gone and had this experience if I didn’t have convenient way to quickly get there.

Easily Explore The Local Area

It’s so fun to zip around and explore local areas and enjoy the freedom of the road!

At 50 miles per charge, you can be out all day visiting different points of interest and when you get back to your camper you can just plug it right in so you’re ready for tomorrow.

Running Errands

When you need to run a quick errand, you don’t want to deal with stress, headaches or hassles. The Flux EM1 is Your Local Ride if you need to grab a redbox, head to CVS, grab some pizza, etc.

Electric Mopeds Are Fun & Zippy

I heard that an $80k Tesla is as quick as a $300k Lambo because electric doesn’t have a lag when you hit the throttle. It has instant torque so you’re able to accelerate quickly.

So I was excited to try an electric moped and hoped it would be a similar experience…

It was! The best way to describe the Flux EM1 is Zippy! You can just zip around silently around the campground.

The goal of camping is to have fun and every time I zip around the campground, I’m having fun!

Keeping it charged at the campsite is as easy as plugging it in so you’re always ready to zip around.

Hauling A Moped

What’s the best way to haul a moped with an RV? There isn’t a “best way”, but there is a best way for you.

There’s a number of ways you can haul your moped. Flux helps you with that process, making sure you have everything you need to haul it safely.

For us we have our toy hauler so it’s as simple as loading it up the ramp and securing it.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Most RVers know the hassle of getting maintenance done on an RV. Taking time out of your travels to bring something in to get it worked on often isn’t an option. Possibly being held up on traveling until things are fixed, that’s a big NOPE…

The last thing I want is to add another thing to get worked on or serviced. That’s yet another reason why I love the Flux EM1. No gas, no oil, no extra moving parts to replace. The only thing I have to do is plug it in and keep the battery charged.

Customer Service

I came to find out that a lot of people who buy mopeds have issues getting them registered as each state has different regulations. Flux does the research and has everything prepared for your state so all I had to do is head to a quick stop at the DMV and everything went smooth.

Review of the Flux EM1 Electric Moped

The Flux is the only Electric Moped that has packages specifically designed for RVers. That alone makes it an easy decision for an RVer to make. Here’s the quick list of why we love it.

  • It’s Fun & Zippy
  • Electric so it’s easy to charge
  • Doesn’t smell like gas or exhaust for when we haul it
  • Up to 50 miles per charge
  • Looks great
  • Easy to haul
  • Convenient & easy to use

So what are you waiting for? Check them out and save yourself time and hassle of not having a convenient Local Ride.

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