Take a Tour while Full Time RVing

If you ever catch yourself watching tours of factories on TV or shows about how things are made; you’d love taking tours across the country in an RV. You can visit both things that you have an interest in and also things that you’ve always been curious about but maybe haven’t had much exposure to previously. 

Arctic Cat – Snowmobiles & ATVsDCIM100GOPROGOPR9495.

Touring your favorite snowmobile, 4 wheeler or whatever power sports manufacturer is exciting. It’s mind blowing how fast they can pump these beasts out.

We stopped by the Arctic Cat Factory in Northern Minnesota for a tour. Polaris has its factory in Northern Minnesota also.


Oregon’s Cheese Countrytilamook-7

Heading north you’ll run into Tillamook, which is rich in cows and cheese. We toured both the Tillamook Cheese Factory and visited the Blue Heron Cheese Factory. Blue Heron has great cheese and wine tasting. Tillamook had an entire restaurant and huge ice cream selection. Grilled cheese and cheese curds, yum…

Olympic Training Facilityolympic-training-2

It’s not every day that you get to be around world-class Athletes. The Olympic Training Facility, just outside of San Diego, is a rare chance to get up and personal with the Athletes that compete for the USA.

They have a BMX track that allows you to use it during certain hours of the day so you can ride like the pros.

Tour of Natureavalanche-lake-10

The great thing about being around nature is it’s easy to take a tour of the wilderness. Whether you’re taking a tour from a ranger or giving yourself a tour that you found online, getting up close and personal with nature is a great way to increase your happiness.

While I was hiking in Olympic National Park to Marymere falls I saw this ranger and group of volunteers taking these kids hiking.


Tour through TreeTour through Tree (5).JPG

One of the many cool things to do in Klamath, CA; the tour through a tree is one of those rare experiences with nature. Driving through a tree that’s over a thousand years old is unique. If you have a tow vehicle you’ll be good to go, we have a dually so we weren’t able to fit. It worked out well cause we walked from the Klamath Camper Corral RV Park which was across the street.

Alcatraz – Touring “The Rock” Alcatraz (50)

This tour was top notch. You take a boat from San Francisco to the famous Island and then you can walk all around the island.

We highly recommend taking the audio tour where you put on headphones and listen to the real prisoners and prison guards explaining what happened in specific spots within the prison that you’re walking around in.

Tour the Manufacturer – Heartland RVs

It’s pretty cool to be able to get a tour of the RV Manufacturer. Watching the high tech process, the team moving it down the assembly line, and the care that goes into each RV is inspiring. I swing into Elkhart Indiana where Heartland makes the Road Warrior and got to enjoy a tour. There’s A LOT that goes into it but from start to finish it’s a smooth process. Unfortunately, with a tour like this you’re not able to take pics but since I had the RV there I was able to get a shot with some of the Heartland Team right before I headed back out on the road.


BreweriesPortland (23)

Much like seeing the process of wine making, a lot of RVers enjoy visiting their favorite breweries while in the area. This was a Widmer Brewery that we took the tour while in Portland, OR.

It’s interesting to see how the creative process works in creating different flavors of craft beer.

Wineries in Central Californiadsc_0047

The valleys of Central California have incredible wineries. Another great reason to visit is the scenery. To be able to camp in and around these gorgeous vineyards is a unique experience.

We’ve had campgrounds that were right next to wineries or even wine trails, but also have had the pleasure of being able to Boondock (RV without hookups) in a Winery.

Some of the areas that we’ve found great for RV Wine Adventures:

The Silicon Valley Wine Trail CA Wine Trail (9)

There are so many wineries in Silicon Valley. Morgan Hill and Gilroy have a good amount of wineries in close proximity to each other. They also have some campgrounds immersed in wine country.

CA Wine Trail (3)The Hills of Hollister

The rolling hills of Hollister are gorgeous. The landscape changes drastically with the different types of clouds. Primarily an agriculture town, they’ve got some good wineries and this one even holds concerts and events.

Hollister (5)

Secluded San BenitoPinnacles NP (19)

San Benito is a very remote area and it seems like you can drive forever around the rolling hills of vineyards. We stayed at the Thousand Trails San Benito RV Resort a few times and have LOVED how secluded the area is.

It’s also right next to America’s Newest National Park, Pinnacles NP. If you haven’t been here, odds are you’ll have the place to yourself as you enjoy top-notch scenery on the hiking trails, or exploring some bat caves.

Notorious Napa Valley

The most famous area of all in Central California for wine, Napa is built for tourists to come and enjoy all they have to offer. There’s a lot of wine tours that pick you up and take you around to the various wineries.

Napa (25)

Scenic Sonoma ValleySonoma wine n cheese (9)

This is a wine producing area and with hundreds of wineries, you’ll find countless places to check out the process of how they make the wine. It’s just a big science project for adults.

Boondocking in Mendocino

If you ever have the opportunity to spend the night boondocking in a winery take it. This was at RiVino Winery and the Russian River runs through the back of the property. What a great view from our window.

RiVino (6)

Walking TourVirginia (372)

We think that if you have the time to take a guided walking tour where you have a guide, that’s usually the best way to enjoy exploring an area. You’ll get a lot of local history and may be able to get access to things that normally may not be available to just anyone.

One tip that we’ve found to be a great Hiking Hack is if we have limited time but want to do our own walking tour; many of the local walking tour guides have the itinerary or people have written about the tour so you can get the directions and take it yourself. Of course, you’ll be missing a lot of the interesting information but some online sites will share the history that you can track from your phone as you’re walking along. We walked along on our own tour in Williamsburg, VA and enjoyed everyone acting from the old days.

What is one of your favorite places to take a tour or one that was unique? Let us know in the comments below and also make sure to check us out on Facebook and Youtube. Happy Camping.

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