Things to do while RVing in America

Most people think of RVing as a great way to get out into nature with all the conveniences of home, and IT IS. But it’s so much more than that. Here are just some of the things to do while RVing in America. 

Climb a Bridge

Have you ever wanted to climb up a bridge, relax and soak up the view? While visiting Olympic National Park in Washington State I was able to head up a secret passage and climb up this bridge above the Elwha River.

Elwa Campground (54)

Walk through an Enchanted Forest

Ok, I’m not exactly sure what an enchanted forest would be but this one felt like it fits the description. It felt like I was in another world.

Hurricane Ridge (12)

Million Dollar Views to Yourself

You don’t always have to hike up to the top of a peak to get great views in this beautiful country. But often when you do, you get to experience them all to yourself. This was at the peak of the Mt Storm King Trail in Olympic National Park.

Hurricane Ridge (20)

Lounging in Lodges

Did you know that many National Parks have AMAZING lodges, strategically places in paradise? This was the Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Park.

Lake Crescent Lodge (8)

Get Skunked

Nothing says “Camping” like a good ole Skunk caught in your campsite…

San Benito (18)

Bring on the Bridges

We’ve encountered walking, biking and driving bridges that are not only unique, but have you scratching your head on how they were built/put there.

Marymere Falls (21)

Visit the Secluded Beaches of Olympic National Park

There are a lot of beaches in Olympic National Park that are breath-taking, so it’s difficult to choose which one to explore. You might as well just visit them all. Ruby Beach (38)

Watch a Sunset while Surfing overlooking Canada

When we finished our 6 month surfing trip up the west coast in our 5th wheel, we ended it at a beautiful beach and watched the sun set behind Canada.

Salt Creek (14)

Odd Attractions

There’s a lot of random things that we’ve been able to stumble upon like the gum wall in Seattle. Seattle (6)

Seattle’s Fish Market

The Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle is world famous for their attitudes and throwing fish at customers.Seattle (16)

RV Shopping

Go window shopping at an RV Dealership to get inspired with the latest and greatest. Seattle (37)

Go Whale Watching

Whale Watching in the Redwoods. We stayed at the Klamath Camper Corral and the Grey whales come right up to shore in the spring and fall to avoid the Killer Whales further out at sea.

There’s also a lot of other outfitters along both coasts that will get you in front of these large marine beasts.

Whale Watching (3)

Relax with a Cooler

Pull up a spot on a beach you’ve never been to and have a cold one on a hot day. Agate Beach (10)

Watch Commercial Ships

Enjoy watching big tankers cruise by while you’re enjoying some wine. Astoria (9)

Cheese Factories!

We love visiting them and bringing back cheese for our RV Fridge. Blue Heron Cheese (3)

Wind Surfing

Wind Surf at the Beach. Cannon Beach is an iconic beach with sea stacks that draw RVers to the beach. Cannon Beach (7)

Witness Rare Events

I was enjoying this beautiful ocean vista when the local fire department came and started belaying down this ridge.

Cape Foulweather (9)

Candy Stores

Would you try this? This candy store even had RV Parking!

Coos Bay (44)

Get Crafty

While in Depoe Bay, Oregon we got crafty at the festival and built a boat.

Depoe Bay (5)


We enjoyed this massive Dungenous Crab festival and ate more seafood than we thought we could fit in our bodies.

Depoe Bay (16)

Photograph a Lighthouse

The most photographed Lighthouse in America is the Heceda Head.

Heceda Head Lighthouse (12)

Surf at Sunset

Have you ever wanted to have a sunset surfing session all to yourself? An RV can take you to a secluded beach where you can soak in all it has to offer, all by yourself.

indian beach 100-400L 158 (1)

Go Crabbing

We found it popular in a few different areas but the central Oregon Coast had a huge amount of people who went crabbing from the Campground.

Lincoln City (13)

Scenic Byways

If you see a road that says “Scenic Byway”, TAKE IT!Columbia River Scenic Byway (1)


What a spot to stop and enjoy a snack on directly off the Columbia River Scenic Byway.

Columbia River Scenic Byway (15)


They’re great for climbing, but if you just want to relax and enjoy the view like at this winery, that’s cool too. Portland (33)

The Famous 101

It’s an iconic road trip to head up or down the famous 101 highway on the west coast. Thors Well (4)

Visit World Wonders

There’s so many wonders of this world in America like Thor’s Well.

Thors Well (8)

Campfires in the Forest

One of the most peaceful activities in this world.

Whalers Rest (14)

Bike on the Beach

Have you ever had miles of beautiful beach for sunset to just ride from the campground?

Whalers Rest (21)

Surfing from the Campground

Walk out from your camper and go surfing like this time at the Whaler’s Rest RV Resort by Thousand Trails.

Whalers Rest (90)

Water Aerobics

You gotta stay in shape somehow. Many RV Parks have activities to keep people active like at the Newport Dunes RV Resort.

Newport Dunes (8)

Sleep in a Vineyard

This is a special bucket list activity. Danielle wanted the full Central California Wine experience so she got it!

RiVino (23)

Hit the Waves

If the waves aren’t popping off where you’re at, go find them!Crescent City (2)

Pull Over

When you’re cruising with your house, you can pull over and enjoy whatever adventure you crave. This time we were driving and I happened to notice the waves were exceptional. Since I had all my gear in the 5th wheel we pulled over, got on my wetsuit and hit the waves!

Crescent City (10)

Horseback Ride on the Beach

Yep, just like in those romance novels you read…

Crescent City (15)

Go Biking in the Redwoods

Mountain biking through these giants and down a mountain to the ocean is an experience you’ll never forget.
Mountain Biking the Last Section of the Coast Trail

Surround Yourself with Wildlife

Waking up to Elk grazing outside of the RV is always a nice highlight.

Elk (2)

Hike through a Stream

Fern Canyon is a hike that’s filled with stream crossings as you head through the lush canyon. Fern Canyon (7)

Share the Beach with Elk

There are some spots in Northern California where the elk come out of the forest and hang out on secluded beaches. It’s not uncommon to find yourself alone with a herd of Elk while watching the waves crash onto shore. Gold Bluff Beach (3)

Look up a the Redwoods

Seriously, just stare up until your neck hurts. Than lay down on your back and stare some more.

Jed Smith (11)

Enjoy a Piece of History

This was a WW2 farm house that was designed to look like an active farm but in secret was a watch-out post for the Government to look for an invasion from Japan. Klamath Beach (13)

Drive the Newton B Drury Scenic Byway

This is a secluded and wonderful drive that takes you through a lot of old growth Redwood Groves you can explore.

Redwood Highway (18)

Walk through the Drive Through Tree

Our dually didn’t fit so we walked across the street from the campground and walked through the Redwood Tree.

Tour through Tree (6)

Touch a Starfish

Have you ever touched one in the wild? I always thought they would be soft…

Trinidad SP (11)

Grill on the Deck

If you can’t catch the big one off the deck, grill up some wieners.

Wilderness Lakes CA (60)

Bike the boardwalk from Malibu to Newport Beach

So many world class beaches, in one day!

Biking Malibu to Newport (12)

Flex at Muscle Beach

Although California has very strict gun laws, you can always see some big guns here!

Biking Malibu to Newport (7)

Get Barreled in a Wave

Enjoy getting tossed around like a rag doll in one of the beautiful barrels of the California Coast like this one in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach Trip (6)

Visit the Place where you Got Married

Romance isn’t dead when you’re in an RV. Pop back to the places that make you smile.

Laguna Beach Trip (18)Let Loose some Sea Lions

In Laguna Beach, every once in awhile the local marine sanctuary releases California Sea Lions back into the wild after fixing them up. We were lucky enough to be hitting the waves this day.

Laguna Beach Trip (50)

Sit out on the Jetty at Low Tide

A close up view of the water doesn’t get much better than sitting out on a jetty as the waves are crashing around you.

38th Newport (36)

Find some Metal

Just in case this is your thing…

Newport Beach CA (12)Train for the Olympics

Ok, we’re not talking about you training for the Olympics, but visiting an Olympic Training Facility like this one in Chula Vista, CA.

Olympic Training (10)

Get Picked Up by the Border Patrol

Hike to the border in the right areas and you’ll get approached very quickly.

Border Patrol Vid

Truck Trails

The Otay Mountain Truck Trail takes you on a wild adventure above San Diego and gives you a great view of Mexico.

Otay Mountain (48)_tonemapped

Morning Bike Ride at the Campground

Watching the sun come up and warm up the landscape while you pedal is always a good time.

Pio Pico (145)

Meet other Bloggers

We spent time hanging out with fellow Bloggers Our One Chance while in So-Cal.

Pio Pico (210)

Visit a Big Coastal City

San Diego has the best temperature of any other city, why wouldn’t you visit?

San Diego (5)

Watch Street Performers

Looking for a unique show to keep you entertained? Find some street performers.

San Diego (10)

Avoid Stepping on a Cactus

Saguaro National Park in Tuscon has the rare and incredible Saguaro Cactus.

Saguaro NP (13)

Sand Dune Sledding

Yep, it’s similar to snow sledding but without the cold.

White Sands (38)

Hike to an Oasis

The Anza Borrego Desert has an oasis a short hike from the State Park Campground.

Anza Borrego (10)

Visit the Most Southern Tip of the West Coast

Walk along the Imperial Beach to the southern most tip of the west coast and stare across the water to Tijuana.

Imperial Beach (16)

Eat a Burrito near the Mexican Border

You won’t find a better place in America to get a more authentic Mexican Burrito.

Imperial Beach (37)

Hike to Ancient Ruins

These ancient ruins have been kept a secret for a long time. It’s a fantastic hike from the campground to the Jamul Kiln Ruins.

Kiln (14)

Spend the Weekend at the Races

Boondockers are welcome at many of the raceways across the country. Many even have hookups.

Camping at the Races (38)

Watch a Snapping Turtle Catch a Fish

What an incredible monster lurking under the water…

Fox Lake (1)

Kayak on Calm Water

Paddling through the water when it’s like glass and the fish are jumping is a special thing.

Fox Lake (134)

Mill City Ruins

Minneapolis hosts a historic waterfront park on the Mississippi where it once was the world’s largest flour mill. MPLS (57)

Stone Arch Bridge

Walk the incredible Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis that meets up with a variety of hiking and biking trails throughout the city. MPLS (68)

Catch the Northern Lights

We LOVE enjoying the northern lights out in the middle of nowhere.

Northern Lights (10)

Front Door Foliage

Enjoy beautiful fall foliage right outside of your front door. Princeton (210)

Ride Horses at the Fair

There are some events, like this kids horse riding competition; that are easier to attend by bringing your RV.

Tiny Tots (41)

Swim in the Desert

The Blue Hole in Santa Cruz, NM is a huge crystal clear water hole that you can bring your RV and go swimming, snorkeling, diving or even Cliff Jumping!Blue Hole (9)

Paint like Bob Ross

Ok, you’re right, there’s only one Bob Ross. But there’s a lot of events for RVers to come together and enjoy new activities. Brainerd Fair (14)

Go Canoeing

Many Campgrounds offer canoes to use for free to their campers. It’s a great way to get out and calmly enjoy the water.

Peace River Canoe (3)

Enjoy a Picnic Outside of the RV

Just don’t forget to bring the food inside when you’re done…Pioneer Park (8)

Take a Trolling Motor down the River

These campers decided they would take a trolling motor ride down the river from the campground. Pioneer Park (13)

Swing on a Rope Swing

You know you’d want to try it…Pioneer Park (15)

Enjoy time with the Deck Down

Probably our favorite feature of our RV. Road Warrior (8)

Relax in Paradise

Yes, it exists. Yes, an RV can take you there. – Sanibel Island, FLSanibel (9)

Pick Sea Shells

She picks sea shells on Sanibel Island, the #1 sea shell beach in the world. Sanibel (23)

Ride Bike on the Beach

This is a cool fat tire bike riding along Siesta Key Beach. Siesta Key (58)

Go Snorkeling

Go see the sea.

Siesta Key (60)

Catch a Fish from the Shallows

Wade out into the water and reel in some supper. Siesta Key (65)

Enjoy Live Music while you Eat

There are many restaurants in Siesta Key, FL that offer live music while you relax and eat your food. Siesta Key (91)

Take a Boat to an Island

When you’re RVing to popular boating areas, check out what rides are available to scope out exciting places like this island where we got to pick sea shells from. Tarpon Springs (12)

Take Your Dog for a Bike Ride

Dogs love scoping out the campground. They love it even more when they can sit back and enjoy the tour via bike. TTO (3)

Go Glamping

Enjoy the more luxurious side of things by Glamorous Camping at the RV Resort. TTO (8)

Play Games at the RV ResortTTO (12)TTO (16)TTO (20)TTO (6)

Go Fishing in a Kayak

They’re great for bringing with on RV Trips and also many RV Parks offer kayaks for use of their campers. TTO (34)

Enjoy Wildlife Visiting the RV

Isn’t it great to see Bailey bonding with this massive turtle that kept hanging out at our campsite? TTO (45)

Enjoy that you’re in the RV when Wildlife Visits

This snake made us very grateful that we’re not tent camping…

TTO (64)

Visit Natural Disaster Locations

This is ruins of Hurricane Katrina. We stayed in Waveland, MS which was ground zero. Still you’ll find boats in trees and communities in ruin.

Waveland MS (12)

Be the Star

Head to a local dinner theater. Dinner Show (37)

Live at the Ocean

Does it get any better than this for a Boondocking Spot?

Destin n Panama City (41)

Listen to Fishing Stories

Luckily this guy had the fish to back up his story…Destin n Panama City (53)

Go Fossil Hunting

The Peace River RV Resort in Florida offers incredible fossil hunting right at the campground. Finding Fossils (10)

Celebrate July 4th at the Capital

Every American should experience this once. July 4 (6)

Visit with Dolphins

As they swim around your boat. Lotto Boat (9)

Rent a Boat to Island Hop

There are places in Florida where you can rent a boat and hop from island to island at your leisure. Lotto Boat (18)

Visit a Waterpark

If you’re RVing near a great waterpark, check it out. Maryland (1)

Pick Raspberries in the Woods


Maryland (4)

Run the Bases

Attend a professional or semi-pro baseball game in the city you’re visiting. Often they’ll have great programs and activities for kids like running the bases in the 7th inning. Maryland (22)

Visit the Zoo

We’ve been able to experience zoos all over the country. Maryland (25)

Take Horse Riding LessonsMD Horse Training (14)

Go to a Drive-In Movie

They still exist and when you find them in your travels make sure you stop in. Very cool experience.

Ocala (14)

Ride the Roller Coaster at Mall of America

Yes, they have an entire theme park inside the mall.

Xmas MN 2014 (13)

Zion National Park

Seriously, Zion is AMAZING!Zion (22)

Watch Wildlife Watch You

It’s always nice to have a run in with wildlife where you’re at a safe distance and you can enjoy them for a good amount of time. Zion (39)

Hike Angels Landing

One of the best hikes in the world and should be on every adventurers bucket list. Zion (44)

Hike to a Frozen Waterfall

You know it’s cold when the waterfall freezes. Duluth MN (17)

Pool Basketball Anyone?

We love getting to experience pools all over the country.

Conroe TX (15)

Hot Tub in a Blizzard

The best thing to do in a random blizzard is jump in a hot tub. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0300.

Wake Up in a Winter Wonderland

Waking up to a snow coveredphoto 1 (18)

Go Fishing from Shorephoto 2

Go Fishing from the Dock

photo 4 (9)

Wake up to a Winter Wonderland

Yes, RVs can handle the cold. RVs are great for camping in the snow. Plus you don't have to worry about dealing with crowds.

Stare Outside and Think About Life

Vegas (2)

Cook Your Favorite Meal

RVs come with the conveniences of home.

Vegas (34)

Enjoy Beautiful Vineyards

Relax and enjoy vineyards in the middle of nowhere. San Benito Winery (1)

Go 4 Wheeling

Toy Haulers have made it easier than ever to hit your favorite ATV trails.

Central Minnesota (1)

Grill Kbobs

Enjoy some quality time cooking with your family in scenic settings. Fox Lake (10)

Own Waterfront Property

Many Campgrounds will even offer free boat parking at the dock while you camp with them. Fox Lake (78)

Bring The Dogs

A lot of people don’t realize that many timeshares and hotels in vacation destinations don’t allow pets. RVs allow you to bring them anywhere you want. Fox Lake (154)

Gaze at a Geysor

Yellowstone is an RVers paradise. It offers such an up close experience with these phenomenons. Geysers at Yellowstone

Walk through a Meadow

Spring makes this country come alive. Meadows are filled with flowers, wildlife and bees.

Justins Cabin (2)

Build a Bonfire

There’s nothing much better than building a roaring bonfire to stare at.

Justins Cabin (50)

Hike to a Bluff

Great spot for a picnic. It’s always fun to pick a ledge location like the people here.

Taylors Falls (20)


These beasts still roam the plains. Yellowstone is a great spot to stumble onto one relaxing in the field.

Wildlife Wednesday. Yellowstone National Park

Enjoy Unique Coffee Shops

All over the country you’ll find unique coffee shops as places to get some wake up juice and get connected. Utah (13)

Ride the Trails

A lot of campgrounds offer horseback riding for their campers.

Horseback (1)

Open Up Your Door and Do Nothing

This picture was taken when I sat down in total silence and did absolutely nothing. Incredible! It’s also in a Walmart Parking Lot overlooking the Colorado River.

Horseshoe Bend (1)

Bucket List Location: Horseshoe Bend

I mean, come on… We were able to Boondock a mile away from this amazing spot.

Horseshoe Bend (3)

Explore Tiny Towns

Stopping at tiny town and conversing with the locals is one of our favorite things to do.

Jerome AZ (5)

Visit a Ghost Town

So many great desert camping locations.

Jerome AZ (6)

Mow Your Campsite

Good ole Harold making sure he’s got the best looking lawn in the campground. He brings his mower with when he travels in his 5th wheel.

Jerome AZ (12)

Get Lost in the Desert

There is a world of Boondocking that the average person has no idea exists.

Jerome AZ (13)

Play Catch

One of America’s favorite pastimes.

San Benito RV Resort (3)

Hike A Thousand Trails

The Thousand Trails RV Resort Membership has a hiking system at all their locations and it’s been incredible to see such variety.

San Benito RV Resort (46)

Visit the Colorado Monument

This place is special, that’s all…

Road Trip 2 MD to CA (15)

Canoe Down the River

It’s always best to go with an experienced canoer so you can relax and do absolutely nothing.

Rum River (18)

Explore the Campground on Bike

Cover ground fast and fun.

San Benito (2)

Take a Selfie at all the Big Tourist Spots

Trust us, everyone is doing it.

San Fran (18)

Work with a View

We’ve been blown away at the connectivity we’ve been able to capitalize on so we can enjoy incredible views as we work.

Santa Barbara (28)

Laugh it up with the Locals

When you’re Surfing in new areas it’s a big bonus to be able to connect with friendly locals.

Santa Cruz (1)

Mini Golf at the Campground

It’s a staple Amenity of the RV Community, you might as well get good at it.

Santa Cruz (19)

Heated Pool Day

Hangout at the Pool All Day but Never get in the Water.

Santa Cruz (26)

Catch a Movie at the Campground

So many great campgrounds providing so many great activities for their campers.

Santa Cruz (37)

Take the Dog to the Beach

When the waves are good, everybody should get a turn.

Bailey Surfing (5)

Watch a Butterfly Migration

Basically that means be standing under a tree totally clueless that there are tens of thousands of butterflies above you until someone points it out.

Santa Cruz Walk (18)

Waterfront Restaurants

They’re everywhere and they’re awesome.

Santa Cruz Walk (20)

Shark Fin Cove

We saw this incredible place on National Geographic and noticed it was on our route up the West Coast. It does not get better than this to come and have a picnic or just hang out for a few hours. Absolute paradise in the middle of nowhere in Central California. You need to google image shark fin cove right now.

Shark Fin Cove (3)

Shop in Solvang

Incredible Danish Community just outside of Santa Barbara California.

Solvang (4)

Play on the Playground

Secretly, we bring the kids to the playground so we can play.

Big Lake (4)

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Races

These are Lion Hunting Dogs from South Africa that they race at a California Winery that’s next to an RV Resort.

Ridgeback Races (8)

Kayak with a Dog

Dogs love a day at the lake too.

Green Lake (7)

Explore History

This tower was built during WWII to ward off any invaders in Delaware. It could shoot miles out to sea. You’re able to walk up the winding stairs to the roof and get an incredible ocean view.

Henlopen (16)

Big Wave Surfing

The Mavericks Surf Spot had roughly 50 ft waves when we were there. Half Moon Bay is paradise. Seriously, paradise.

Mavericks (1)

Monterey Bay

Seafood, seafood, seafood…

Monterey Wharf (3)

Big City Dates

Imagine going around to the coolest cities in the country and eating at the coolest spots.

MPLS (1)

Kite Surfing

If you’ve never been in a high wind environment you don’t know what you’re missing.

Point Reyes (11)

Audio Tour

Alcatraz is run by the National Park service and the audio tour is recorded from the actual inmates and guards. Incredible experience.

Alcatraz (23)

Watch Your Favorite Show

Do you really think Danielle would go off the grid? The RV has Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and we’re able to plug into all our favorite shows (Danielle’s favorites) wherever we go.

Wilderness (19)

Be on Top of the Tournament

Every day they have a Pool Tournament at this popular RV Resort. No cost, just show up and play. It’s a great way to make new friends (I want a rematch).

Wilderness (20)

Get a Workout In

Pump that iron while you’re camping at the RV Resort’s workout center. Great way to stay fit on the road.

Wilderness (22)

Hot Tubs

Did we mention RV Resorts have hot tubs with incredible views all over the country?

Wilderness (24)

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  1. Great blog post! Have been to some of those places, so many more to see! Totally agree Zion is amazing. Now you have me wanting an ATV – guess the Jeep will just have to do for now.

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