The Hip Town of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of my favorite cities. It has such a cool vibe and time seems to slow down here. We stayed at an RV Resort just outside of Santa Cruz and it’s conveniently located being in between Monterey and San Francisco with many adventurous places in between.

The Morgan Hill RV Resort is a typical morgan hill rv resortthousand trails campground. The big surprise to us was how great the location was! It’s in a very scenic valley surrounded by beautiful wineries, just north of Monterey, close to San Fran, 17 miles from hiking in the redwoods, one mile from a lake,  and of course near the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz.

We would take a lunch break everyday and head to the pool to cool off and relax. One day I worked in the upper level of the adult lodge which has a nice view of the pool.

adventure pics (59)photo (6)

adventure pics (61)The hiking trails on site are scenic but short. I recommend going out of the campground to some excellent nearby trails like in the redwoods.

The resort is halfway between Morgan Hill and Gilroy. The area has a lot of agriculture and it doesn’t seem to matter what direction you drive, all photo (4)you’ll see is farm land. The benefit of course is that they have fresh food to buy locally and fruit/veggie stands bailey hannanline the roads. We bought a lot of locally grown fruit and wow was it ever tasty! Bailey was so excited she ate so much she became lethargic and fell asleep with her fruit on top of her.

fresh fruit santa cruz rvWhen you drive into Gilroy there is an overwhelming smell of Onions. They have huge onion farms and warehouses in town.

When it wasn’t too hot we would work outside photo (5)with a nice view of the hills. Living in an RV offers a lot of scenic flexibility with your work stations and it’s good to mix it up. Often I’ll walk the park while making sales calls which also helps me stay active during the day and gives Danielle her space.

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I started a routine of riding bike a few miles each evening around sunset. Danielle joined me one day and realized how enjoyable it was so it became routine. And of course Bailey was in the basket.

photo (40)

Every friday adventure pics (54)night the resort puts on movie night where you can bring your chairs or blanket and get comfy for the show.

All the thousand trails resorts we’ve adventure pics (101)visited have had Mini Golf and usually Danielle is a pretty good shot but this time she was just pretty and I whooped her!

I would consider myself frugal and I don’t spend much money on haircuts. Danielle was on her way home from town one day and noticed this hair cut place called Ruby’s. She told me it was $7 so I figured I’d give it a shot. When we walked in we both gave each photo (13)other glances, I’ve had some terrible haircuts in the past and just accepted this was going to be one of those times where you get what you pay for. I love when I’m proven wrong when I pre-judge situations, it teaches me a lesson. The lady didn’t seem to know much about the technical aspect of cutting hair (I learned this from watching Tabitha’s Takeoverdh bh years ago) and she didn’t use scissors, everything was done with an electric razor. But the haircut turned out incredible and she had impeccable attention to detail.

There is good cell phone reception here for both ATT and Verizon which we rely on to work. Verizon for our internet and ATT for our cell phones.

We really enjoyed our stay in this area. There is so much to do and visit within less than an hour in any direction.  What an adventure!

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  6. Nice review. You mentioned good AT&T signal, is that with or without a booster? We use an antenna, but no booster yet. Thanks.

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