What’s the Best Kids Bike Seat – WeeRide Review

When Ella became a one-year-old, it was time for us to figure out what was going to be the best bike seat for our child. We wanted something that would be safe, not take up a lot of space, and ideally something that would allow us to interact with them as we rode the bike.

Danielle took on the challenge of doing some extensive research to find out what is the best bike seat for young kids. She stumbled on the WeeRide.

It had overwhelming positive reviews!

So we went ahead and ordered one and had it shipped to the campground we were at. We’ve tested it all over the country in all different conditions and have put together our thoughts on the WeeRide Kids Bike Seat.

Putting It Together

I’m not very technically inclined so I was happy when I realized it was straightforward and easy to install onto my mountain bike. We ended up installing a 2nd base (the bar) onto my Kent Street Bike, so whatever type of adventure we want to experience we’re covered with our WeeRide and able to take our little one.

Transporting Bikes To The Campground

SD Area Trip (34)

There are so many different ways to transport your bikes on your RV Trips.

Our friends, the Bragas with Ouronechance, have a rack on top of the cab of their truck. We have other friends that have racks in the front of their RV.

When we had our 26 ft Class C Sunseeker, we installed a bike rack onto our rear RV ladder. That worked well for us.

Now we keep the bikes in the back of our toy hauler in Ella’s room and have been happy with the results. I put down a tarp to make sure the dirt doesn’t come off the bike and end up on the floor. We haul our grill on the tarp also.

Using the WeeRide Bike Seat


It’s very easy to use. Put the kid in, strap them up and you’re ready to ride! The best part about the WeeRide is that your child sits in the front. That way you can see how they react with their surroundings and engage with them. Sometimes all they need to have a great time is for you to pick up the snack that they dropped. That’s pretty challenging to do if they’re behind you.

Great For Cruising The Campground


We LOVE cruising around the campground in the WeeRide. Everyone finds it interesting to see a kid having so much fun and in front of the bike.

Because it’s so easy to just walk outside of our camper and hop on the bike, we take a lot of cruises around the campground. It’s a great way to explore the campground and see all the other RVs and how they set up camp.

It’s A Comfortable Bike Seat

We tested it out on a few 15+ mile bike rides like this one in Mission Bay. We’ve found that the odds of them falling asleep are high, and there is a pad in front of them so they have a comfortable pillow to sleep on.

Taking it On and OffPaul Bunyan Trail (17)

If you’re only going to ride with your child, then you can just keep it on all the time.

But one of the things I love about it is that since I do a lot of mountain biking as we travel, it’s quick to take the seat off. In fact, it’s just one knob you have to loosen and it comes right off. To hook it back up, just place the bike seat back on your bike, turn the knob and tighten it up. I removed the seat minutes before taking off for this incredible bike ride on the Paul Bunyan Trail in Northern Minnesota.

It’s also easy to transport. You can either keep it connected to your bike or just unscrew one bolt by hand and you’re good to go.

Get Your Own WeeRide

SD Area Trip (78)

Still sitting around thinking about how enjoyable it will be to get out on the bike trails with your little one? We want to help you get into your WeeRide by giving you 10% off with the coupon code “Shorelooksnice”.

We’ve been using it for years and highly recommend it. It’s safe and sturdy. I have NEVER felt like Ella has ever been in any type of danger from falling out or from some type of malfunction.

It’s a great design where you really do have the ability to interact with your child on the bike ride. Everyone will have a better time and you’ll be more inclined to get out and ride.

If you use the coupon code “Shorelooksnice” you’ll get 10% off your purchase.

If you’re not yet sold that this is the best kids bike ride, here are a few videos of bike rides we’ve taken while traveling with our WeeRide kid’s bike seat.

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