North Myrtle Beach RV Resort

Newly built in 2018, this RV Resort is state of the art and a very unique campground. It’s beautifully built directly on the Intracoastal Waterway with a complete setup to give you a Glamping (Glamorous Camping) experience in North Myrtle Beach.

Working Together on Social Media

North Myrtle Beach (40)Full disclosure: I own one of the largest social media companies in the RV Industry. We have over 50 RV Dealerships that we do the social media for and I identified that campgrounds don’t have the budget to pay a marketing firm a monthly rate to get them the results they’re looking for. The other challenge is when they try to do it themselves they don’t have the knowledge to do it themselves. So we created a win/win where we stayed with them, worked on their social and documented how to increase sales for Campgrounds on Social Media so we could create a Do It Yourself Campground Social Media Package! That way it gives campgrounds a step by step, plug and play system to grow their sales at a very low price point that they can afford.

Being a brand new RV Resort it was a fantastic opportunity for the two of us to work together to increase their sales! In fact in the 6 months we contributed to their social media we were able to market to a targeted audience of campers on Facebook 782,793 times!

The Campsites

North Myrtle Beach (70)The campsites are built with luxury in mind. They’re spacious with full hookups and each site has a fire-pit for you to relax by the campfire in the evenings.

Ours had a wonderful view where we could see boats cruising by on the waterway. I would always geek out when I saw a large ship cruise by as I was working from the RV, very cool experience.

We’ve stayed at A LOT of RV Resorts in the past 5 years of Full Time RVing. The North Myrtle Beach RV Resort is at the top of the list.

North Myrtle Beach (132)It might seem weird to comment on an RV Resort’s bathroom but although your RV might have a nice bathroom to shower and get ready in the morning, you may want to consider using theirs while staying with them. They are hands down the nicest campground bathrooms we’ve ever seen and nicer than we would have even imagined if someone had explained them to us. They’re beautiful, clean, and have a welcoming feeling where music is playing for you as you shower.

The Campground Staff

North Myrtle Beach (45)If you’re looking for great service to provide you with a luxury camping experience this is the place to be.

The staff is extremely helpful, nice and the retail store has a lot of RV Parts, Food, Drinks, and so much more to make sure they’ve got you covered on everything you might need for a day out on the water or a great time right at the campground!

Ella loved swinging in on our daily walks to grab a slushy.

The Docks

Out of all the amazing things we did while we were here, my all time favorite was to step away for a bit and walk down onto the docks after dark. Don’t get me wrong, sunrise, sunset and watching the boat activity during the day from the docks was amazing, but there is something special here about the calmness of the water, the mist/fog, the lighting, the sound of the water… It’s extremely tranquil.

North Myrtle Beach (16)

North Myrtle Beach (96)During the day the docks have a busy atmosphere of boats cruising by to go fishing, go cruising or hauling things commercially. You will never be bored sitting on the bench here. There were also countless fish LEAPING out of the water, probably being chased by larger fish that are ready for you to reel them in on your visit here!

If you have a boat that you bring on your camping trips, they have plenty of docking space at the campground for you.

Renting a Boat at the Campground

North Myrtle Beach (83)Boating and Camping go hand in hand. One of the big challenges is bringing your boat with you. Over the years we’ve rented quite a few boats on our travels but we’ve never had the opportunity to rent a boat directly at the campground.

When you rent a boat here, you get to watch them pull it off the rafters in the dry dock storage to bring it to the water for you. It’s a very cool process to watch!

North Myrtle Beach (99)The intracoastal waterway is perfect for cruising and especially in a pontoon. It’s protected from waves and wind so it’s a smooth ride. We did see some MASSIVE boats cruising past us which was an exhilarating experience.

There’s a lot to see on the water here. We found a sunken ship up near the North/South Carolina border. We headed to the inlet of the ocean. Went under draw bridges. Appetizer hopped at a few waterfront restaurants with docking for your boat.. It was an amazing experience and one that everyone who stays here should enjoy!

Dry Docking Your Boat

This was so cool to see. If you have a boat in the area that you want to keep dry and safe while you’re not on the water this MASSIVE building’s your answer. When you’re boat is stored with them you just have to let them know when you want it and they’ll pull it down, bring it to the water and get it ready for you to enjoy a day on the water.

RV Resort Playground

North Myrtle Beach (56)Kids will remember going camping for the rest of their lives. The quality of the playground here is top notch. It delivers a safe and fun area for the kids to play in a fenced area with a gorgeous view of the Intracoastal Waterway.

It’s worth noting that the owner of this RV Resort is a contractor so you can rest assured that they know how to build a quality playground. We commented to each other right away that the materials and build was exceptional.

Community Area

North Myrtle Beach (19)Grills, fire pits, hammocks, and so much more is available in the community area. They were still working on the construction of this area while we were there and here’s the craziest part of this RV Resort; they built a GORGEOUS pool with a man made mountain to have a waterslide overlooking the intracoastal waterway.

I mean, how much more amazing can it get than walking out of your RV to relax at an amazing pool with a great view and a man made mountain water slide!

They often have community events like live music right here at the campground.

North Myrtle Beach (21)

The Fishing

North Myrtle Beach (86)Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fish and actually catch something without a license? They have a stocked fishing pond so you can not only fish without the extra cost of a fishing license, but the odds of catching something is REALLY GOOD!

I wish we had more time here because I walked out onto the docks A LOT and saw fish leaping out of the water. They’re ready to be caught directly from the dock at the RV Resort.

If you’re looking to step up your game and reel in the big one, there are many outfitters that will get you setup with everything you need to head out on the ocean to catch some MASSIVE fish.

North Myrtle Beach (108)

Renting a Golf Cart

We love walking around the campground, but it’s a lot more fun to zip around on a golf cart. They have a fleet of them for you to rent while you stay here to quickly head to the water, visit your friends or just cruise the campground.

North Myrtle Beach (61)

The Waccatee Zoo

North Myrtle Beach (63)Known as “the beast kept secret of Myrtle Beach”, the Waccateezoo gives you an opportunity to get up and close to rare and exotic animals.

This is not like a “normal” zoo where you see animals from a distance. You are able to get VERY close to these animals which is a great education for kids to see.

The Beach

North Myrtle Beach (10)

Myrtle Beach is best known for… it’s beach!

Cherry Grove Beach is just down the road. There’s multiple parking lots to park and a large pier to walk out on while you listen to the waves crash. It’s also very family friendly and relaxing.

If you come early when the tide is rolling back out to sea you’ll find a massive amount of shells to sift through and find your keepsake.

North Myrtle Beach (129)

Where to Eat in North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach (23)This is impressive, there are over 10,000 restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area. WOW!

If you’re a foodie or just enjoy great food, this area is a must visit. The sea food is especially fresh and amazing.

There is a very popular seafood restaurant directly across the waterway from the RV Resort called Boardwalk Billy’s that we highly recommend.

North Myrtle Beach (34)

We all have our favorite restaurants and Danielle LOVES Ledo Pizza. There was one near her house growing up and it was her first job through high school back in Rockville, Maryland. The sauce is amazing so whenever we run into one we stock up and buy a case of their sauce. It goes great for RV made pizza, spaghetti and RV Made Meatballs!

By far the best experience we had was taking a rental boat from the campground and appetizer hopping along the waterway. Most of the restaurants on the water have plenty of docking space for you to pull up and grab a bite.

One of the best restaurants we’ve ever been to was Crab Catchers. They’re right next to the Big M casino boat and the seating is directly on the water. By far the coolest part was that you can watch fisherman pull up to the docks from your table and see them unload the fish that will be served to the customers at the restaurant! It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

North Myrtle Beach (59)

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