Day 1 – Sleeping at Walmart

The first day of the adventure was a bit hectic. I knew it was going to be a big day so I started my day going surfing in Newport Beach, CA where we live. photo (26)The first big wave that came at me and I tried to paddle through it with my Longboard but it flipped me and the fins on my board cut my hand up pretty good which slowed down the process on carrying things from the house to the RV.

Then it was time to pick up the RV, head to our storage units to make sure we aren’t forgetting everything, do the finishing touches on cleaning out the beach house and then the adventure can begin…Well around 10pm the adventure started in a Walmart Parking Lot in Irvine, Ca. Walmart is not only the 1 stop shop, but they also are RV friendly and you can stay in walmart parking lots for one night. Great business idea, they earned our business and we loaded up our RV while we were there with supplies. 
We were all wiped out, our good friends the Deleons stopped by to spend the first night with us to kick off this adventure. photo (25)

Of course we had to eat at in and out burger before relaxing and catching some much needed rest. Everything is in boxes and we’re moving around each other to get around…Can’t wait to get things in order and unpacked. We had our first lesson in the RV, we didn’t realize how much power we drained by using the AC and all the lights while boondocking without the generator on and we killed the battery! Luckily the RV’s are equipped with a jump start with the push of a button…Won’t make that mistake again.

Now I can check it off the bucket list that I’ve slept at walmart….

photo (24)photo (23)

RV at walmart

p (56)


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