SOLD on Adventure – buying our RV

My Wife and I are headed on an adventure that will take us across the USA. We spontaneously purchased a house on wheels (a 27 ft Class C RV) and heading out on June 1 on the biggest adventure of our lives! The RV purchase was much smoother than expected once we figured out what we wanted. We started looking in the 5-10k range of RV’s and our concern was that we may be buying other people’s problems. I know people who have had RV’s last forever, however common sense would suggest odds are in your favor to purchase something new since it is a literal house bouncing down the road… Once we found out what we wanted we realized we were going to have to make a larger commitment financially towards this endeavor.  Because of all the research we did online, thought and discussion we were able to make a snap decision at the first dealership we visited. It was Mike Thompsons RV Super Store. Forest River Sunseeker Class C
They are the number 1 selling RV dealer in all of So-Cal and for good reason! The customer service was excellent from the moment we stepped into the massive lot. Inventory is not an issue here, they are really bank rolled so we knew we’d find something that fit our needs.

We tested out a few Class C‘s, it came down to 2 of them. We looked at the pros and cons and went with the 27 ft 2012 Forest River Sunseeker Class C. Forest River Sunseeker RVIt has all the amenities of home other than laundry and a dishwasher (our next RV will have these) I’m really impressed with the quality of how the RV’s look and feel like home.
Forest River Sunseeker RVThe RV had 22k miles on it and the previous owner was meticulous. Mike Thompson let us keep the RV on their lot for around a month before we needed it since in Newport Beach, CA it’s not legal to have an RV parked on the street. I was impressed to find that an RV loan is considered a home loan so the terms are incredible. Being an Entrepreneur with a strong sales backround I love a good deal. A few things worked in our favor to get an incredible deal. Mike Thomspons largest local competitor went out of business 2 weeks prior. Also it turns out the best time to buy an RV is in the last 2 days of the month in the busy season (spring). They were really pushing to get the end of month revenue up (business executives can relate to this haha) so they not only brought down the principle price, but by negotiating to put more on the down payment they lowered the interest rate and combined it saved us $33k! Danielle and I are now home owners!

I really can’t say enough about the team at Mike Thompson RV, Jeff (internet marketing) and Chris (finance) are absolutely top notch. They are so good they even took care of the small things like making sure I had a can of mountain dew as soon as I arrived.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words! I had a great time working with you both and look forward to following you on your adventure! Jeff

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