Fishing at Green Lake

Green Lake in Minnesota is photo (30)one of the Princeton area’s best fishing lakes. We were happy to hook up with Dead Zone Guide Service to take us out fishing for the day! Another major bonus is my brother Mike was able to join us on the lake with his Kayak.

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photo (24)There are a few consistent performing fishing spots on this lake. Many locals know one of the spots as “Gibbs House”. The Gibbs are a family that are well known in town. They use to live here but I’m told have moved from this house. My mom and dad parked the boat and walked up to talk to them one day when the new home owners (probably startled) let them know they don’t live there anymore. I grew up with the 3 boys and we use to swim/boat at their house often.

Evan, owner of Dead Zone Guide Service photo (4)felt like that would be our best bet to get pan-fish today. There was a little bit of a walleye chop but we had Nevaeh with so we wanted to catch quantity over going for the big one.

Mike and I took turns in the Kayak paddling around while the fishing in the boat was hot! Almost immediately Nevaeh caught a sunfish. Soon after, the fish kept reeling in one after another. The Traveling Pomeranian loves going on the water and she enjoyed the front of the Kayak the most. Video of her on a kayak adventure coming soon.

When we were done fishing Mike filleted the fish and we had a fish fry at his house while we watched the fire flies come out of the fields to the bonfire. 
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