Shark Fin Cove

shark fin cove beach

We found this beach from Jon Siemien sending us a link to the top 10 most scenic beaches in the USA. It was a little difficult to find, we stopped at 3 locations and finally had to find a local guy with no teeth to DSC_0239give us specific directions. Once we knew the general area of where it was at you can actually see it from the PCH if you know where to look. The view from the PCH was amazing, the beach is even better!Shark Fin Cove

DSC_0124You can get a scenic view from up top but you can’t beat the beach! The walk down to the beach is quite steep but can easily be done by most people.

They were doing a model photo shoot at the beach.

davenport shark fin model photographyThere is a farm that DSC_0241 lines up next to the cliff at this beach. I couldn’t believe the view of the farmer working in his tractor while he’s plowing the field overlooking this great location.

There are tide pools when the tide is low. Shark Fin Tide Pools

My original plan was to surf this beach. I couldn’t find anything online other than pics and an article about 2 women who swam here a couple of years ago and got swept out to sea and died. I ran down to check if it was surf-able or not. It wasn’t, it was a shore break and from what I could tell it was rocky underneath and  way too windy this day. I was itching to get in the water but it wasn’t going to happen today.

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