Finding Fossils in Florida

The Peace River is one of the premiere fossil hunting spots in the country. We were camping here for 2 weeks in Wauchula at the Thousand Trails RV Park and I kept seeing people sifting for fossils in the Alligator infested waters. I didn’t understand how Peace (9)awesome it was until one of my neighbors came over and shared with me that within just 2 hours they found around 50 fossils! They found shark teeth, camel bones, and even a Megladon fossil from the ice age! Then he offered to lend us their equipment. Game on!!

Peace (11)

photo 1 (18)We headed out one evening a little Leary about getting in these waters even though everyone told us there have never been any gator incidents. We went to the spot at the campground where they told us to give it a try, mind you there was an 8 foot gator less than 200 feet away. So I headed out while Danielle gave me moral support from the beach. Within 5 minutes we found some fossils!

Its easy to do, you shovel dirt photo 3 (18)into the sifter, shake it around this area in the water and take it to shore to look for fossils. That’s it!!

Within an hour we had found a few dozen fossils. I didn’t want to stop but we got a call from our dog groomer and had to go pick them up. We are heading back to this area in a few weeks and will spend some more time sifting. What fun!!photo 2 (18)

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