Hiking the Redwoods

santa cruz redwoods

It’s always been on henry cowell redwoods hikingmy bucket list to hike the redwoods. I’m grateful this adventure has given us that opportunity.


Gopro redwoods state park

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is less than 10 miles outside of Santa Cruz. The road to the park is one of the best roads I’ve ever driven, so scenic and windy! Good thing I was great at Rad Racer as a kid.

big redwood treesDSC_0003







This place was a win/win for us because we were able to compromise. When I go hiking I often tend to pick long strenuous hikes because in many places that’s the only way to get to the great views or points of interest. Danielle likes to get in, see the sights and get out. The most scenic hike in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is less than 1 mile and it’s on a flat trail with no elevation gain. DSC_0053 danielle hannan hiking

You can park inside the park or if you prefer to park for free there are parking spaces just outside the park and then take a very scenic 1 miles hike into the park where we saw deer, a river and a secluded walk in the forest. redwood hippy


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