Bean Hole Day

Of all the reasons to bring people together one of the most interesting traditions is Bean Hole Day in Pequot Lakes, MN.

They lower huge amounts of beans into a hole in the ground and cook them. Then thousand of people show up to eat the beans and celebrate the festivities. My brother Adam was chosen to MC the event as he’s a local radio personality. Basically he got to get up on stage and tell fart jokes!

They use heavy equipment to lower and raise the beans out of the ground. To watch the beans being lowered into the ground click here. 

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The beans are FREE and the line was really long but moves quick. After we ate our beans we took Nevaeh and Adam’s kids to have a water balloon fight. This is such a great tradition and after seeing beans bring thousands of people together there is no excuse for people not to come up with a reason to get together and have a good time.
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