Surfing Pomeranian in Santa Cruz

The Traveling Pomeranian and I went surfing at Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz. Cowell Beach is known for long easy waves however on this day just a mile up the coast there were 13 footers breaking. There were too many rogue big waves coming into Cowell Beach to paddle out with Bailey but we were able to hit some waves closer to shore.

I saw a few Class B & C RV’s that were pulled up for the day to go surfing. The surfing culture in Santa Cruz is very inviting.


The waves were really hitting and there were some excellent surfers out on this day.


Most people take these stairs down to the water. Others that are bold jump off the cliff and throw their surf board while they are in the air.


Bailey gets really excited to go surfing. When we use to live in Newport Beach she watched the surfers and would greet them when they came in. When I started taking her surfing she instantly loved being on the board. Even when it’s out of the water she likes to sit on the board.


After we were done surfing we decided to watch the surfers take on the big waves at the cliffs. We walked along the most scenic 1 hour walk in Santa Cruz. 10411912_1502816546638483_1362076750344155033_n 10600567_1502815776638560_2862446401138672284_n 10686968_1502817329971738_7867545916906135256_n

Great moment taking in the sunset overlooking the Santa Cruz Pier. 10384761_1502816689971802_9185823003431160786_n

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