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We ended our Coast to Coast trip from California to Florida in Ocala, FL to meet with one of our Social Media clients. We were chosen to be part of a new TV Show on GAC called Going RV which is essentially House Hunters for RVs. I worked it out so that the TV Show would be filmed at our clients’ Dealership, Optimum RV. The show is produced by Rivr Media and they did a fantastic job of putting it together and making it all come together.


The first day I was driving to the dealership and Rivr Media called and suggested we be put up in a hotel during the days of the shooting. We think we’re pretty low maintenance and easy to work with so we told them to save the production cost and we’ll just sleep in our RV, after all it is our home. I’m so glad that they insisted and told us it would be a vacation from our vacation. We liked that idea so we finally took them up on their offer. It ended up being one of the best decisions we made. We couldn’t believe how exhausting the production was and the RV was not in a position to be slept in. The first night we arrived we went through the RV and had to take EVERYTHING out of our RV and put it into this grey wolf travel trailer.

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Imagine having just a few hours to move everything you have and stack it into a small travel trailer in the Florida heat and a pregnant wife. We would have never finished if it wasn’t for the production crew stepping up to help. We ended our day around 11pm and headed to the hotel. It was a really nice hotel! I think the dogs loved staying somewhere new.

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When we met the next day at 7:30 in the morning the crew was already ready to go. The shooting the first day was very minimal on our part.


As with most RVs when you first purchase them there are things that needed adjusted, fixed, and we had a few upgrades to be installed. We utilized this time to squeeze our RV in and the service team went to work quickly to tackle the list of items Danielle gave them. Then in the early afternoon they were done with us for the day. We had a few errands to run but then spent the rest of the day relaxing back at the Hotel.

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The next day was an exhausting day of shooting. We’ve done video productions and shows before so we expected it to be a long tiresome day of shooting. The challenge is to be as excited at the end of the day as you were at 7:30 am after being mentally engaged all day in the Florida heat. I think we pulled it off pretty well and the crew did outstanding as well! You’ll have to let us know when you watch episode #13 of the series.

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We shot until dark and then it was time to get to work moving all of our stuff back from the Grey Wolf to the Road Warrior because first thing in the morning we were headed to the RV Resort in Orlando to film the camping scenes. Again the team stepped up in a big way and we would have never put it back the way it was without them.

The next day was my favorite. All we had to do was Go RVing like we normally do, but with cameras on us. They put gopros all over the inside and out of our truck and RV. Probably the coolest thing was they had multiple vehicles shooting us while we were driving 55 mph down the highway. One spotter vehicle would take off ahead, find a scenic spot and then pull over to film us cruising by.

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When we pulled into the Thousand Trails Orlando location we were surprised to see they put our name on the Marquee! They always have treated us great at the Thousand Trails but they really made us feel special on filming day.

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This is a fantastic RV Resort with endless amenities. It was easy to find things to do for the show.

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What a fantastic crew! Set your DVR to record the series and let us know what you think. To see a lineup of the episodes click here.

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