Aggressively Relaxing at Borden Lake, Minnesota

With over 12,000 lakes in Minnesota, it boasts secluded lakes to enjoy the day. Borden lake is just outside of Garrison, MN which is known for Mille Lacs Lake. With Mille Lacs the main local attraction, the fairly large Borden Lake was left virtually empty which gave us a water playground all to ourselves.

We were happy to spend our 2 year wedding anniversary at the lake relaxing by the fire and playing in the water.

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The fishing was excellent. We have a tradition in my family that the person with the first fish gets $1, the person with the biggest, and the person with the most fish for a total of $3. I was winning so Mike and Aaron went back out so that Aaron could pass me up.

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Relaxing by a fire on a Northern Minnesota Lake is a dream come true. The loons were playing around on the lake, the sound of a loon (Minnesota’s State Bird) gives the full feel of being outdoors.

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