Rockville Maryland

Traveling has opened doors for us to spend significant amount of time with our families this summer. In september we were able to spend  the month with Danielle’s family in Maryland.

Maryland is beautiful and rich in history. How many deer can you count in the backround staring at The Traveling Pomeranian?

photo (3) We took The Traveling Pomeranian to the Gaithersburg Animal Hospital for her annual check up and routine shots. Doctor Dan was amazing and we would highly recommend them for anyone in the area.

photo (5)This is the beginning of something great….my first full blown beard!

photo (6)Cool reflection at the Rio in Rockville outside of Coastal Flats. photo 1 (7)Lake Needwood in Rockville Maryland. They have well maintained trails that go around the lake for hikers and bikers. There is a “Go Ape” ropes course and a lot of people go fishing in this lake. photo 1 (10)Bailey went hiking with me. She’s so small that she has a tough time keeping up if it’s not a short distance. But she LOVES seeing the outdoors from my backpack.

photo 2 (14)I don’t understand why The Traveling Pomeranian always sits like this but it shore is cute!

photo 1 (11)Nice shirt 1 (12)At the Rio they have this little train that constantly cruises by toting around little children. As we sat on the outside balcony eating at a restaurant we noticed these two ladies having the time of their lives acting like children. Fun is a choice. I got a kick out of watching the driver of the long kids train cruising back and forth 15 times per hour listening to the most annoying kids music in the world….It’s a scenic place to work, but wow it would take a lot of patience to listen to that music all day long!photo 1 (14)photo 1 (16)photo 1 (18)Pumpkin M&M’s…. Yes Please!!!!photo 2 (3)Great spot for a bike ride around the lake.

photo 2 (7) So many dogs!photo 2 (12)Danielle and David on the lake walk near the Rio. photo 2 (15)photo 2 (18) Danielle’s parents back yard. Bailey blends in with the leaves. photo 2 (19) The Olney Winery is a hopping place. They have great wine and live music. It’s the only winery I’ve been to where the patrons came together and had a classic rock dance party. photo 2 (4) photo 3 (2) photo 3 (8)David and I did a little target practice. photo 3 (9) We went to a candy store in Rockville and I found the coolest smores product. No longer do you have to buy all the ingredients. Just get this tube and you’re good to go.

photo 3 (12)Coastal flats just opened a new location in Gaithersburg and we were able to go to the pre-opening. The food was absolutely outstanding and the service was just as good!

photo 4 (1)Our friend Pat went on a romantic boat ride with his girlfriend. photo 4 (6)Bailey thinks she can play cards….I always win at UNO!photo 4 (7)

photo 4 (11) photo 5

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