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RVing has offered us so many events and experiences that have enriched our lives. I have an official bucket list. Many people have an unofficial bucket list; one where you have places or events you want to enjoy but haven’t formalized a list. Whether it’s a formal list or not, we all have places we would love to visit.

RVing puts people in such close areas to bucket list locations I felt that I needed to pay tribute to Bucket List Locations or Experiences that were worth passing on. I’ll be doing a Bucket List series of incredible places and the 17 Mile Drive seemed like a great place to start.

The 17 mile drive is widely recognized as one of the most scenic roads in the world. It’s also RV friendly and we saw fellow RVers traveling on this iconic treasure. This Monterey road takes you through pebble beach golf course and is in a gated private community just off the PCH. Recently they have started charging $10 per vehicle and the views are well worth it. The views very quickly become impressive. In fact, the Lone Cypress Tree is the most photographed tree in the country. The road lines the Pacific Ocean in a beautiful yet restless section of the Ocean.


There was a big population of seals in a variety of places on the drive. There was wildlife at every stop. In all we probably saw around 20 deer.


There are consistent pull outs to stop and explore throughout the drive. Many of the stops have tide pools filled with sea creatures. One of the big benefits of the RV life is that you can have your “weekend” during the week so you avoid traffic, lines, and don’t have to deal with a lot of people in general. Being a weekday we had some scenic stops entirely to ourselves.


One of the most photographed places in the USA is the Lone Cypress Tree. You can check it out from above or you can hike down the easy trail to get a close up view from below.

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  1. Been there sooo many times..LOVED It.. lived over in the valley area and would go there as a day trip.. LOVED It…

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  3. Hello, is it easy to drive an RV in the 17 Mile Drive? I had heard it wasn´t even allowed.

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