RVing near the Mavericks Surf Spot

The Mavericks is one of the most famous surf spots in the world. Due to a unique ocean bottom and just the right conditions; it creates over 80 ft waves! There have been a few movies about The Mavericks but the coolest thing about this area is the annual big wave surfing event. It’s invite only and the biggest names in Big Wave Surfing fly in to compete.

There is an RV Campground on the water in Half Moon Bay. The view from here is incredible.

Mavericks (1)

The Mavericks is located on the north end of the bay just south of San Francisco. When you get to the parking lot you have a great view of the bay. The mountains create a layered look with the morning marine layer.

Mavericks (29)

This scenic beach is dog friendly.


The trail  to The Mavericks is an easy walk in the park. You have a few options and all have great views of the ocean below.


When we arrived the last surfer was leaving for the day. There were 22 foot waves around sunrise however we were a few hours too late and the waves had died down quite a bit. There was only one person at the beach.


I was surprised at how many mountain bikers storm this hill.


The Traveling Pomeranian enjoyed the hike and loved the view from the top.

154558_1499502363636568_5822321216275382616_n 10685522_1499502533636551_8163524357788206639_n

What a fantastic view! Gotta love living in an RV!


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  1. OH MY you are so right the views are breathtaking..I can close my eyes and see the sunset and smell and hear that ocean roar…wonderful.

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