Getting Garlic in Gilroy

We had the pleasant surprise when we first pulled our RV into Gilroy, CA we noticed the wonderful smell of Garlic.

Gilroy California is the “Garlic Capital of the World”.


It’s a small town with a ton of character and a great smell. Many of the buildings downtown have unique paintings. Gilroy is on the wine trail and offers breathtaking vineyards.

We had the pleasure to be a part of a local event that brought a lot of people into town. It was the annual Gilroy Beer Crawl. It starts at a bank on one end of downtown, continues to the other end, then back across the street. They block off the street and have a live band playing. There were some other vendors as well.


Gilroy is very RV friendly. 10712972_1505346509718820_6707901159360444681_n

It was an event where they encouraged Halloween Costumes. Who loves Sriracha?

1462854_1505347489718722_603541514403580355_nGilroy (40)

1609615_1505346883052116_1499190128940959566_nGilroy (47)

This is a big event. There were over 20 different beer companies that have booths set up with two tasting per booth. What was really cool is that local businesses hosted the tastings. Everything from a bank, the chamber of commerce, all the way down to a vacuum store.

1908181_1505346616385476_5765480384526298748_n 1779751_1505346456385492_3442721054905361399_n

Who else can say they tasted beer at a vacuum store?10153708_1505346689718802_3240233452567913720_n 10250057_1505346713052133_823638468410363620_n 10256243_1505346226385515_4464779526214313266_n 10404430_1505346369718834_3917461455377596679_n

Killer bees.10407654_1505346773052127_3879110659987019292_n

This guy had the costume to match the tasting. 10420238_1505346659718805_6371634179162467701_n 10439007_1505346279718843_4959269783394346783_n

This guy was the most informative and knowledgeable at the entire event. 10624597_1505346549718816_7401399026958166505_n

A lot of the downtown buildings in Gilroy are painted. 10672055_1505346316385506_595693012715337761_n

The marketing of Shag Beauty Bar was impressive. They had a “Selfie Station” where you could put on wigs, outfits, etc and then tag them on instagram. The staff was extremely friendly as well. To top it all off, they gave away Slim Jims so we could snap in. 10702068_1505346796385458_8958899005194268241_n


Gilroy (58) Gilroy (55) Gilroy (41)Gilroy (44)The best Garlic I’ve ever had!!!

photo 2 (6)

A big thumbs up to Gilroy, CA. Gilroy (65)

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