Gilroy Farmers Market

Gilroy California is the Garlic Capital of the World. What this means is that you drive into the town and get this great Garlic Aroma filling your RV. A great place to buy fresh food in town is the Gilroy Farmers Market. It’s right in town but not in a crazy busy area.

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An Apple a day…

photo 1 (15)photo 1 (9)  This guy was a great singer. It was cool to have that acoustic  classic rock vibe in the background as you hang out with the locals. photo 2 (16)

This young guy came up to me and asked me if I felt adventurous. I said “You have my attention.” He pulls out this weird spinach wrapped local bean product he made at home. I was way skeptical about how this would turn out cause I was in the mood for some sweets and I’m typically not a pickled spinach bean type of a person haha… But I put it down the chute anyways, it was actually good! This kid may be a future scientist to create such a tasty pickled spinach thing.

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We enjoyed chatting with the local merchants. They typically have incredible stories.

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The BEST sweets I’ve had in a long time were from Soul Sweets! They were selling these bite size Pumpkin Treats. WOW! Blew my mind!photo 4 (10)

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They have an area for the kids to be entertained. photo 4 (14)

NannyO’s Kitchen is known for their pickles. They are excellent, however the lady gave us a jar of a new product to try that was so new it didn’t even have a label on it yet. It was a cheese product that you can put on a variety of things. I’ve used it on crackers, hot dogs, even with potatoes. I absolutely LOVE it!

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