Dillon Beach, CA

When Danielle and I got married over two years ago; we were given a gift of a complimentary stay at one of my good friend and mentor’s Vacation 8-11-12-271-1-2Rentals in Dillon Beach, CA. Life gets busy and it seemed each time we had availability it was rented out (I’m not surprised at the availability, the views were out of this world)! Living the RV life has given us the flexibility we needed to make this happen. We joke that living in an RV we are constantly on vacation so this was a nice vacation from our vacation. Danielle’s parents joined us since it was Danielle’s Birthday week.

Dillon Beach is located in 10675768_1507205379532933_5248906322423463428_nNorthern California at the mouth of Tomales Bay looking out towards Point Reyes National Seashore. All along the coast from Point Reyes to Dillon Beach there are spots where they sell freshly caught Clams out of Tomales Bay.

Dillon Beach is the only privately owned beach in Northern California.


The beauty of the rugged California Coast can’t be described and should be experienced by everyone. Particularly the drive from San Francisco to Point Reyes via the PCH. Once you get to Point Reyes Seashore follow Tomales Bay on the PCH to Dillon Beach.

We were really excited when we got close. The type of excitement when you’re going to a place you’ve never been. Where you have heard it’s incredible, and the views start opening up into incredible vistas just a few miles away from your destination.

Once we arrived we were greeted by deer.


When you walk in you are immediately hit with this incredible view from the living room. Windows line the entire living room and kitchen area. It also opens up into a back patio with even better views.


This is a picture from the Beach of the house above. 1493131_1507205479532923_5424428967262055280_n

This was the view outside of our bedroom window in the morning. What a way to wake up!


Every morning and evening we would see deer. It was so beautiful to step out of the front door and take this picture with Point Reyes in the background.


The Traveling Pomeranian loves this area. Dillon Beach is dog friendly and we saw a lot of dogs playing fetch or watching the wind surfers.


Anyone feel like surfing? The undertow here is much weaker than most beaches in California. Because of this it’s a popular surf spot.


Dillon Beach has an incredible RV Resort called Lawson’s Landing. The views of Tomales Bay, Point Reyes and Bodega Bay are some of the best I’ve seen in any RV Resort. 10150536_1507205279532943_7655070200274305587_n 10153259_1507205569532914_2962763280514887153_n 10367725_1507205266199611_5456356909592102291_n 10397819_1507205652866239_7612842493551623978_n

When it’s time to get some food you gotta stop at the Dillon Beach Cafe. They also have a retail store with everything you would need so once you get to the resort you can relax and enjoy the activities. On Sundays they have an incredible $5 Fresh Fish & Chips that I highly recommend.


These guys had just biked from Maine to California. This was a few minutes after they just reached the Pacific Ocean. They biked the next day to San Francisco and now are biking across Australia. They’re biking around the world! It’s incredible to spend time with people who are such adventurists. 10402706_1507204719532999_4324934987263880988_n

The view from the restaurant is excellent. They have outdoor seating so you can take in the view while you eat. 10451899_1507205296199608_8012545805032817367_n 10403627_1507204906199647_1403072766001342055_n 10409201_1507205666199571_85696904459906813_n

The wind surfers here are incredible. These guys got some big air!10462375_1507204409533030_7394473114769129123_n

Did you notice the houses on the last pic? These next two pics were taken from the house on the cliff. 10547451_1507205602866244_7813079461924514209_n 10553627_1507205596199578_4710831291549213186_n

The view looking north is of Bodega Bay. We had supper there one night at a neat italian restaurant. 10606515_1507205546199583_2632831396726473944_n

Dillon Beach is dog friendly so you can bring your dog along while you go for a beautiful stroll for sunset. 10801507_1507205696199568_8790174150903615331_n

Whenever we start packing the car The Traveling Pomeranian knows it’s time to head out soon. She waits on the console until it’s time to go.


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