Our Visit to Coast Distribution

Coast Distribution is a major player in the RV Industry. They provide parts to many of the RV Dealerships around the country. They partnered up with Thousand Trails to work on getting an RV Cable TV Show put together. It’s called the “Open Road Home”

We were staying at the Thousand Trails Morgan Hill RV Resort. More often than not, I would wake up and here turkeys right outside our RV! They move quickly through the resort in a big group. They were some of the largest Wild Turkeys I’ve seen. In the field across from where our RV was we often saw groups of 50+ turkeys running around. photo 1 (4)

I found this trailer unique. photo 4 (4)

Whenever we are going somewhere The Traveling Pomeranian wants to ride with. She sits on the console of the car until we are ready to go.

photo 4

We met with the team over at Coast. They loved The Bailey! She loves hanging out in Steve Holt’s Office.
photo 2 (5) photo 3 (5)

We went to Bubble’s to get a bite to eat. Great patio area. The Hannansphoto 3 (7)

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