Decorating an RV for the Holidays for $25

My wife’s favorite time of the year is the winter Holiday Season. I’ve learned as a husband not to fight the fact that she is going to put me to work hanging garland, lights and putting bulbs on the tree (happy wife = happy life). Well this year the time came when Danielle let me know it was time to hang up the decorations. I did a happy dance because all of our Christmas decorations are in a storage unit and I thought I was in the clear… I was building my case that it wouldn’t make sense to replace all of our expensive decorations for the RV and then throw them away because it costs a good amount of money. It also doesn’t make sense to re-buy everything and then haul it around in the RV the rest of the year. Her solution was (drum roll please…) the dollar store!

The dollar store is perfect because we were able to get everything we needed for under $25! That way I can’t put up a fuss if we just discard the decorations at the end of the Holidays.

To hang the garland and lights we used command DSC_0002clips. They go on easily to most surfaces. When we are done using them they just pull right off with no DSC_0009damage to the surface they were just stuck to.

We’ve got little presents that light up for the corners of our dining area.


We have two christmas trees. One main tree and one near on the counter near the sink.

Apparently watching us decorate was exhausting for The Traveling Pomeranian.


Danielle is a fantastic cook, which is great cause I’m fantastic at eating. I love when she cooks for the holidays. DSC_0169DSC_0002 (2)

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