How to Load a Car onto a Tow Dolly for Your RV

Let’s face it, a bigger RV will hinder you from going to certain places like big cities. Having a car to take you on day trips or into the big city is a great way to see and experience new places. We use a Tow Dolly that we pull behind our Class C RV. We purchased it for around $1,000 and it has helped us travel on day trips in our car all over the country.

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When we are staying at RV Parks or Resorts we see a lot of people with Class A and Class C RVs pulling cars with a tow dolly. We chose the tow dolly because the type of car we had Mazda 3i didn’t allow flat towing. Loading it up and taking it down is simple and just takes time to get use to. Once you get the steps down it can be loaded in less than 5 minutes.

Check out our video on how to load up a car on a tow dolly!

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