Get off your REAR and turn those bike GEARS!

We were big time Bikers before we hit the road full time.

DSCN7585Not the type that fly down the road specifically for exercise, but we biked almost everyday in Newport Beach down the boardwalk with our beach cruisers to go out to eat, enjoy the scenery, even to the grocery store! But that’s in a small surfing community where you can get around everywhere you need by bike, in fact finding a parking spot with your car can be a huge challenge. So biking on the boardwalk next to the ocean was not only beautiful, but also practical. Now that we’re on the road we try to use the same logic of enjoying beauty mixed with logic when it comes to biking. Here are a few reasons why we like to have our bikes with when we go camping.

  • Exercise – let’s face it, DSCN3797health is important. We feel grateful for everyday that we’re alive and healthy. However for most people, being healthy is a choice. You don’t wake up one day and choose to become healthy, you wake up EVERYDAY and choose to be healthy. It’s a choice you must continue to make daily. If you eat salad or pizza for supper it makes relatively no difference short term, however compound that decision for 10 years and it makes a big difference. I look at daily exercise the same way. If we go biking around the RV Park it makes relatively zero difference in our health short term, however if you compound that decision to go biking everyday for 10 years it makes a HUGE impact on your health. Unfortunately being around older people, we see too many people who didn’t make the right choice and are paying for it with their health in the later years of their life. Get off your REAR and turn those bike GEARS!

Get off your REAR and turn those bike GEARS!

  •  Quick Access – Many times we pick the campsite with the best view. This doesn’t always mean that it is the closest to things that interest you. For example, many times we’ve picked scenic sites that overlook a lake but are a bit further. Rather than walking, it’s a quick bike ride to go to the lake.

IMG_3360 copy

  • To Get to the Best Views – Sometimes you have to cover some ground to get to that breathe-taking view. One time we were camping in Caspers Wilderness and I took the bike up a long mountain bike path which put me on a ridge with views of the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.

DSCN4048 copy

  •  To Travel – Sometimes we want to head out and explore the town or area via bike. If it’s a nice day out heading out for a bike ride to get somewhere is a blast.

DSCN7750 copy

  • To Share a Moment with Friends – Our experience is that biking in a scenic location with friends causes great conversation and laughter. It’s such a great experience and many times the best way to explore an area is to jump on the bike and head out with friends.


  • To Share a Moment with Yourself – Sometimes solitude is the best way to connect with yourself. I have some of my clearest thinking when I’m alone. Put on the tunes or have total silence and start peddling.

DSC_0326 copy

  • It’s Fun – I’d be willing to bet when you were a kid you enjoyed biking. I know for myself it was my way to get to places and I had a blast! Then I got older and it was cool to cruise around in my car and I stopped riding my bike. It wasn’t until we got married and our good friends Bill & Leighanna gave us bikes as a wedding gift that we started it back up. Wow, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing all these years. It’s just so much fun!


  • Dogs love biking! – We bring The Traveling IMG_3228 copyPomeranian in our basket. She LOVES going for a ride in the bike. Her favorite thing to do is to ride around an RV Park that we just got to to see all the other dogs while we cruise on by.

To find out how to load a bike onto an RV Bike Rack check out this quick video.

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