How to Hook up a 5th Wheel or Toy Hauler

Congrats, you bought a 5th wheel or a toy hauler. Now how in the world do you pull it? Most likely the dealerships you purchased it from gave you a walk-through. Knowing that we forget 90% of what we’ve learned in less than 24 hours you might forget an important detail. Maybe you are considering getting a 5th wheel and are curious how to hook it up to your truck. Whatever your reason let this be your guide.

1. Raise the 5th wheel

2. Drop the tailgate

3. Point the lip down

4. Make sure your cables are out of the way

5. Back the truck up and stop when close to do any final adjustments to the height of the 5th wheel

6. Back up and lock in the 5th wheel

7. Drop in the security pin

8. Put on your 5th wheel emergency brake cable

9. Put up the tailgate

10. Plug in your lights and brakes

11. Pull your jacks up

12. Test the lights


If you want to see these steps in action we recommend watching this video.

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