The Best Way to Train a Puppy – In an RV

Dogs are fantastic companions! They enrich our lives, make us smile and increase our overall happiness. But what about puppies? Yes they’re cute, but they are work. They can also make you lose your mind if not properly trained! We recently got a Pomeranian Puppy and people often comment that they are blown away at how well trained she is for being just 4 months old. Training Zoey in an RV has sped up the training process significantly. 

4 hiking in sedona on an rv trip

That being said we have 2 Pomeranians. They are loved (sometimes spoiled haha), thoroughly enjoyed by us and our friends, and well trained to do what we ask of them. Anyone who has ever had a puppy knows that they can be a challenge and even frustrating sometimes. I’ve found that training a puppy in an RV is WAY easier than doing it in a house for a few key reasons.

  • You are in a smaller space and can better monitor the dogs behavior to know what it needs or is trying to tell you
  • Often when RVing you are near areas where your dog can get the energy out
  • Many RV Parks have opportunities to get your dog use to people and other dogs


Yesterday I was walking Zoey, our 4 month old puppy without a leash and a couple I met on the hiking trail commented that they were blown away at how well trained Zoey was.

Now for the SECRET on how we trained Zoey so well…..Zak George! When we wanted to teach her something new we would go to his Youtube Channel and just follow the simple videos provided.

Top 3 things I’ve learned in Dog Training

1. Give your dog daily exercise to let their energy out. Fetch is an incredible game to teach your dog that is easy to do yet helps them release their energy.

2. Positive Reinforcement works way better and is far healthier than reprimanding negative behavior

3. Eliminate the risk of bad behavior by removing the temptation. Puppies often don’t know what they can and can’t chew on and with pent up energy there is a chance that anything in their reach is a target.

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  1. Congratulations on your new addition! Both dogs are adorable and I’m sure you’ll all have a fantastic time traveling together. Ty and Buster have been on the road with us for more than five years now and they love it. Waggin’ trails!

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