Getting Away from the Wilderness

Sometimes RVing is more than just getting away into the wilderness. We were recently RVing to Orlando at the Thousand Trails RV Resort and wanted to do something out of the ordinary. We had heard from multiple people that Capones Dinner Show was one of the best things in the Orlando area. That’s a strong recommendation that we couldn’t turn down.

We headed with our friend Frank who is also a Thousand Trails member. Many people that stay at Thousand Trails RV Resorts hang out when they bump into each other at other locations. Frank had been to the dinner show multiple times but because they change the show often it’s a new experience.

As soon as you pull into the parking lot the building looks fun. There is a gangster that meets you at the door to let you know this is the place and welcome you in. For an incredible experience you can’t beat the price, $30 for all you can eat, all you can drink, and an awesome experience.

Dinner Show (3)

There is a gift shop where you pick up your tickets to buy gear. Some people buy things to wear during the show so they fit in with the performers.

Dinner Show (5)

You need a secret code to get past the doorman. Once you get in you’ll see the seating area and you are sent upstairs to the lounge area. There is a bar area and you can hang out and play some games.

Dinner Show (9) Dinner Show (13)Dinner Show (14)

Yes it’s entertaining, but how’s the food? Well it’s a buffet full of AMAZING food. Dinner Show (17) Dinner Show (18)Dinner Show (21)

Once you’re filled up on food the show begins. What a great cast, the story line was fantastic with some great spins.

Dinner Show (24)Dinner Show (28) Dinner Show (30)

They make it extremely interactive and even pulled me up on stage!Dinner Show (37) Dinner Show (38) Dinner Show (47)

After the show you have a chance to meet the crew and even take a picture with them!Dinner Show (48)

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