OH NO! How Do We Practice!?!

Nevaeh’s favorite thing on the planet is to ride horses! So this summer she signed up to be in a horse competition at the Bemidji Fair in Northern Minnesota.

There were two big challenges with this.

  1. We had planned on traveling to other states this summer and weren’t going to be in MN
  2. Since we were going to be traveling so much, she wasn’t going to be able to practice for the competition


RV Benefit #189: You can practice riding anywhere

We realized that she can practice anywhere we go and since we don’t have any hard set plans, we can plan to swing back into MN for the competition. So she practiced riding!


When we headed over to Maryland she practiced at a ranch.

When we circled back to Minnesota she felt confident and ready to ride in the competition. We headed up and stayed at a beautiful campground on a lake in Bemidji!


When the fair came around we were all excited for the Tiny Tots Show!


Fairs are always fun and we were excited for some fried fair food.DSC_0591_tonemapped

We got fresh lemonade and Minnesota Cheese Curds to eat while we watched.


Nevaeh was so pumped! She was anxiously waiting her turn to light up this arena.


She eyed up her competition…


We sat back and enjoyed the show.


Nevaeh was remarkable. She did a fantastic job on all the competitions!DSC_0550

The WINNER!! The hard work of practicing in new and exciting locations paid off. DSC_0499

Before the kids were done for the day, there was a costume competition! Being that Paul Bunyan was native to Northern Minnesota and he created Lake Bemidji with his foot print many years ago, he ended up being the fan favorite.  DSC_0688_tonemapped



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