Tech & Gadgets to Enhance the RV Life

Our Road Warrior is decked out with more bells and whistles than we could have imagined. But even if you get a fully equipped RV there are still some after-market tech and gadgets to make life easier or more enjoyable. Here are the things we’ve found to make our RV Life a little bit better…


Although for us a big part of DSC_0013running our business involves capturing fun video with the GoPro I couldn’t imagine not having one to make sure these memories will last. Most cameras aren’t waterproof, small or tough enough to take out on camping adventures. Even the low end models capture high quality video so it makes it a no brainer to make this memory investment.

A Sound bar

This was one of the first things that Danielle purchased when we started RVing. She LOVES her music. Our Road Warrior has AMAZING surround sound but our Class C didn’t. Even with the surround sound we use the sound bar for connecting our wireless devices. They are lightweight and inexpensive.


Weather Monitoring System

I LOVE this thing. Danielle bought it for me as a Christmas gift and I use it for a variety of reasons. I primarily check the weather using a phone app, but that gives me a general idea of the weather. This system tells me the exact temp inside and has a remote that you can set outside or anywhere that tells me the temp where the remote is located. The Road Warrior has a system for keeping the bays and tanks warm but in the Sunseeker when we were in freezing temps there was always a threat of a freeze. We had multiple instances where the tanks froze, pipes froze, and our water filter froze. Once we got the weather monitor I just put the remote in the bay and when it would get around 35 degrees I would go and hook up the space heater to make sure it wouldn’t freeze. I also just find it cool to keep track of the exact temp outside.

It’s also helped when one of us (we won’t say any names) says they are cold inside the RV when it really is a nice warm temp, we can simply point out the exact temp and request that they put on a sweatshirt…


We run a business out of our Toy Hauler which requires verizon-mhs291lvw-jetpack2us to use Wifi daily. Many campgrounds promote that they have FREE WIFI however the signal is very bad and it’s not something RVers can rely on. (note to campgrounds; with digital technology on the rise more and more campers want to stay connected. The campgrounds who have strong Wifi have a big competitive advantage). A year and a half ago when we were preparing to RV Full Time I almost bought a satellite for internet. I knew nothing about it and the day before the purchase I randomly reached out to Jason Wynn of Gone with the Wynns and he let me know not to do it and that it’s outdated technology. He saved me a big headache! It turns out that jetpacks are the way to go. Technomadia has some great resources on the techy side of the RV Life but here’s the quick Wifi breakdown. Verizon has the best overall coverage in the country with At&t at a close second. If you’re going to do a lot of traveling across the US you’ll probably want to go with one of these to maximize the areas you have signal since they run off the cell towers. If you are weekend warriors or camp in the same area each time find the best local provider as they might have better service in that particular area. We have had very little issues staying connected in the past year while visiting 36 states.

Cell Phone Booster

The few times we’ve had challenges with cell phone service we whipped out our Wilson Booster and it fixed the problem. If we don’t have service we put the magnet on the roof and plug the device into the holster and within seconds we will have bars again. We’ve been in areas with absolutely no service on our Verizon Jetpack and our At&T iPhones and with the Wilson we’ve had 3 bars! What a difference that makes when you’re trying to run a business. Another reason I recommend people have a booster is many people do adventure activities while they are camping. This leads to greater risk of getting hurt so having signal to be able to call for help if needed is vital.


Plug in Night Light

With Danielle being pregnant she has toDSC_0015 go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with our baby stepping on her bladder. Rather than having to walk around in the dark or to keep one of our lights on throughout the night we picked up a few of these tiny and dim nightlights. We strategically placed them to light up her path so she doesn’t have to worry about tripping.

Space Heater

Last night while we were RVing in Minnesota it was gorgeous and in the mid 70’s during the day. At night it got down to 41 degrees! Rather than heating up all three rooms we just set up our space heater and shut the door in the room to trap the heat and it kept us warm and toasty at a fraction of the energy of the RV heating unit.


These have helped us enjoy our RV experience. We want to hear from you, what has helped make your life easier that you would add to the list? Add your comments below.

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  1. I’m very interested in the weather, too. What weather station do you have? Is it good and or is there anything you would change or add if you could get another one?


  2. Hi. Saw you have the nesting. Cookware. Does it work on the induction grill?

  3. Definitely a good list of gadgets to go with and have a great travel experience. Also many safety gadgets are required like smoke alarm, Carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguishers etc.

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