Swimming in the Desert – The Blue Hole

We were traveling as fast as we could with a 3 month old newborn in a 44 ft toy hauler from Minnesota to San Diego. Although we were being efficient with our time we made sure to stop at all the major hot spots on our route. One of them happened to be this geological phenomenon that’s turned into one of the most popular dive spots in the country!


The Blue Hole is a geological phenomenon that has turned into one of the most popular diving spots in the U.S. So when we were RVing through Santa Cruz, NM on Route 66, we stopped in to see this wonder.

Keep in mind that the water temp is a constant 62 degrees so if it’s not in the summer you’re going to want to wear a wetsuit. It was in the 20’s when we rolled in with very high winds. The water was much warmer than the air outside which was nice.

One of the benefits of RVing is that MN to CA25you don’t have to deal with crowds. We were here on a week day which meant we had the entire place to ourselves!

To scuba there’s a small
fee but to swim or snorkel it’s FREE! The water is crystal clear and it was great to explore the world under the water.


The best part is that you canMN to CA cliff jump into the water! There’s a few different spots at different heights.

So if you’re going to be heading through the Desert and want to jump in the water head on over to the Blue Hole in New Mexico!
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