Working While RVing Full-Time

Imagine for a second that you’re able to work from your laptop anywhere and everywhere that your RV can take you. For more and more people this is becoming a reality. In fact, the amount of people who are hitting the road and working either full or part-time is explosive! And why shouldn’t it be, with technology advancing so quickly people can have the ultimate freedom. To go where you want when you want.

We’ve lived and worked in 42 states in the past 2.5 years. It’s crazy to think that right before enjoying this freedom we were both working in Corporate America. Here are a few of the reasons why we LOVE working while RVing Full Time. 

Freedom in an RV


Someone asked me the other day how we decided where we travel to. It caught me off guard but after thinking about it there are 2 reasons.

We pick the coolest and most amazing spots in America.

If more people knew the type of beauty and experiences that are available, more people would find a way to shape their careers and businesses in a way that allows them to experience it.

I believe that when you write down very specific goals and look at them often, our subconscious goes after that target with reckless abandon. I remember about 6 years ago a good friend and business mentor of mine shared a story of his good friend who was a travel blogger. It blew my mind. I read years of his blog posts in just days.bucket-list-hike-angels-landingThat was a big moment in my life where I made the decision that I would travel full time and work remotely. I had NO IDEA how or when, but that it WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. So I started gathering tons of information and created a list of over 100 of the most amazing places in America. Then I started taking long weekend trips and knocking places in California off the list. Now that we’re on the road full time we’ve hit the majority of places off the original list.

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To be near familyde-summer-67

When I owned my marketing firm in Orange County and when I was working as an executive I was always so tied to work that I hardly ever saw my family. My mom commented a year or so after we had been traveling that in our first year of RVing we spent more time with them than I had in the past 10 years combined!

Technology on the Road

The speed of advancing technology is possibly one of the defining achievements of our era. We use At&T for our iPhones. At least half my work could be done with just my smartphone if I wanted/needed to. pics-30

We have both a Sprint and a Verizon Jetpack. With Sprint we have an unlimited package for under $50 per month and with Verizon, we have 20 gigs for around $100. We have had slightly more coverage areas with Verizon (very slight) but to have unlimited data when you’re running a Social Media Marketing Agency is worth its weight in Gold. The great thing about having the 2 carriers is many times if one isn’t in an area the other will be. I’d say we’re well connected to wifi around 90% of the time.

Yamping with Familyprinceton-198

Yard Camping makes a lot of sense sometimes. We’ve visited many friends with our RV for a few days or over a long weekend as we’re passing through the area. When my parents found out we were going to have a baby, they wanted to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for us to visit so they could spend time with their granddaughter that they installed RV Hookups in their yard!

It’s the perfect way to go-rving-autumnvisit the parents or the in-laws. You get all the joys of spending quality time with them, but you can go home and enjoy your space whenever you want. We do some marketing for Go RVing and you can see in this fall picture we get a nice scenic view out of our front door. The next pic was taken at a different time but while the RV was in the same spot. princeton-203

Stay at Home Parentswash-579_edited-1

Danielle has always loved the idea of being a stay at home mom. Being an Entrepreneur has allowed us the flexibility to create the lifestyle we want to live. We need to create content for our RV Dealership Clients and often that entails going out and exploring exciting new areas with our little one.

Working from home has been great in capturing those first moments for Ella. I’m always within 44 ft from her when I’m working from the RV. Danielle loves this because she’s somehow convinced me that all #2 diapers should be changed by me during the day.

Healthy, Happy Campers

When you travel to such incredible areas it’s very difficult to stay inside and be lethargic. It’s easy to get outside on your lunch or breaks and enjoy some incredible RV Activities like Biking, Kayaking or even Sand Dune Sledding.

Another big plus towards your health is that at any given time I’m a few seconds away from my kitchen. Not only is it easy on the budget to prepare food at home in your RV Kitchen but it’s easy to eat healthily. 6-8 small meals a day is fun when it’s not a hassle. There have been so many jobs that I’ve had in the past where you didn’t have full flexibility on when and what you had access to eating.


Sunsets from your RV Deskthere-is-a-major-movement-of-working-remotely-in-an-rv-in-most-cases-its-cheaper-than-rent-and-puts-you-in-scenic-places

I LOVE working in creative spaces. Our first RV was a Class C Sunseeker. We realized that if I was going to be very effective with work I’d need to have a separate space where I wouldn’t get interrupted very often. Plus at that time we were both working and had very limited workspace in that RV. When we upgraded to our Heartland 5th Wheel Toy Hauler I started out with the Toy Hauler as my creative space. It was the office of my dreams. I would always have the deck down and we’d choose campsites with Million Dollar Views out of the back.

One of my favorite things is the watch the Sunset while working on the Deck.

Once Ella wastoy-hauler-view born we shared the Toy Hauler in different shifts. Whenever she needed to sleep or nap I would move to the desk in the living room. Eventually, I was officially kicked out to our built-in Desk that came with our Road Warrior. I work during the day and then 2 out of 3 nights I’ll go to bed with Danielle for an hour or so and then get up and work in the night until around 3-4ish. If you want the pros of this Entrepreneurial Lifestyle you gotta put in the work.

Getting Away from it All

Sometimes I’ll head out and away from the RV to work remotely from my remote office space. Coffee shops, restaurants, even secluded wilderness areas I’ll go and set up shop for the day. This is great when I don’t want to be distracted by Ella and Danielle, or if I just want a change in scenery.

RV Entrepreneurship

We started our Marketing Company while we were on the road. We provide Social Media for over 25 RV Dealerships, work with campgrounds and manufacturers as well. The 2 contractors that work for us we’ve never met, never even spoke to them on the phone. 100% of our communication has been through text or email. We’ve gone totally digital and are completely mobile.

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