7 Habits of Highly Effective Campers

What’s the best way to consistently enjoying your camping adventures to the fullest?

By building great habits! 

Just like any skill, the more you do something the more you learn, the more you can create a system on your approach and minimize inconsistencies. Here are 7 great habits of highly effective campers so you can be the happiest RVer at the campground. 

Be Proactive g0045108_tonemapped_edited-1

Are you proactive about your life, your work, your frugality, your choices that will enable you to have time and resources to go camping?

If it’s going to be it’s up to me. Don’t wait for the camping trip to come to you, it won’t! You’ve gotta make it happen.

Begin with the End in Mind

What do you ultimately want in a camping experience? That is going to have a big impact on how you approach your trip, starting with what type of RV you purchase. Do you give up space for size or size for space? Will you be working in your RV?

  • Class A
    • These are complete homes on wheels. Great for full-timers and season RVers. Many people bring a tow vehicle for day trips.


  • Class B (Van Campers)
    • These are fantastic for stealth camping. You could park in the middle of a major city and nobody would know you’re inside. They also are ideal for going into small secluded campsites.


  • Class C
    • These are more of a cross over where you can use it as a weekend warrior or hit the road full time. All the amenities of home but more nimble than other full-time options. Our first RV “The Sunseeker” by Forest River was a Class C and served us well.


  • 5th Wheel
    • Our Road Warrior is a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler (literally a toy hauler with Ella). In our opinion, this is ideal for Full-Time Families. They pulled by a truck and in general have the most space out of all the options.


  • Travel Trailer
    • Perfect for the weekend warrior or holiday camper. Pulled by a truck, van or even car (depending on size); they’re easy to set up and relax with all your basic camping amenities.


  • Truck Camper
    • Perfect for the solo or couple campers to get lost in the wilderness.


Put First Things Firsttilamook-7

What’s important on your camping trip? What’s the goal?

  • To connect with friends, family, maybe with yourself.
  • Attend an event.
  • Hike, bike, surf, climb a peak, or some outdoor activity.
  • To unplug.

If your goal is to connect with family and you spend your time solo in the woods you’ve got your priorities wrong.

Think Win-Win

dsc01186Danielle likes to go out to new and exciting places, events, tours, and restaurants when we travel. I like to work and make money. So we’ll create a win-win scenario like today we went to Virginia’s Largest Oyster Festival where I could capture content for our RV Dealership Clients (there were fields of Boondockers), and Danielle would get her date at an exciting new restaurant (new to us).

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Seek first to pio-pico-186understand all the information about the area, weather, and anything else that might help you understand what the best decisions for your camping trip are. Our 5th Wheel is 44 ft long. Danielle and I learned the hard way that we need to call the campground before we head there to make sure we fit.

The first trip we took after Ella was born was fleeing Minnesota in December to head to Sunny San Diego to launch a 6 month RV Surfing Trip from San Diego to Seattle. It turns out we didn’t fit into the campground when we arrived and we had to hit 2 trees just to turn around and leave (insurance is important).


Danielle and I are opposites in many areas, it’s one of the reasons we work well together. When we combine our skills in setting up camp, we can do it faster and better than if we did our own thing. I’m very fast and efficient and Danielle is very detailed. So I”ll plow through and quickly hammer out the bulk of the setup, then she’ll come through and button it up so it looks great.

Sharpen the Saw

Improve your life constantly. There are so many RV Bloggers and YouTubers that you can educate yourself on tips & DIY projects until you feel like an expert. This doesn’t just pertain to things related to camping, you may need to sharpen up on a skill, learn a new one, or reset yourself in the wilderness…


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