The Life of a Traveling RV Pomeranian

Sometimes after visiting the dog park we find Bailey deep in thought… The other day she was spaced out looking out the window. We figured she was reflecting on her travels so we decided we’d show people what The Life of a Full Time RV Dog looks like.

WARNING: These Dogs are so cute that you may run out and buy the first Pomeranian you can find after seeing these pictures…

Vegas (2)

Bailey’s been able to smell things in 43 states in the past 3 years of being a Full Time RV Dog. San Benito Winery (3)

These were baby gates we bought online through Walmart and have worked perfect for dog gates! – Thousand Trails San Benito

Hollister (1)

Except for the time I forgot to close the gate at an RV Park in Central California and a Skunk got in, but couldn’t get out…San Benito (18)

Lawn Bowling at the Campground is always more fun when there is a smiling Pomeranian in your way! – Thousand Trails Orlando

TTO (16)Yes, she surfs. It use to be one of her favorite things to do but now she’s older and has some health limitations. This was while RVing to world famous Cowells Beach in Santa Cruz, CA.

Bailey Surfing (18)

If you’re wondering why she’s always smiling, it’s because she’s a full time camping dog!

Road Trip 2 MD to CA (24)Poms are the perfect size to enjoy the canoe, without having to worry about getting dumped because they rock the boat. This was on the Rum River in Minnesota.

Rum River (17)

Somebody please cut her off… She does this every time we visit Napa & Silicon Valley.

San Benito RV Resort (56)

Boondocking is a way of life for this RV Dog. Bring on the wilderness! This was in the Grand Staircase Escalante BLM Land where we stayed completely off the grid for a week. Coyote Buttes (14)

Biking in the Basket at the RV Resort. – Peace River, Thousand Trails.

Peace River (100)

Picnic at Southern California’s largest reservoir, Diamond Valley Lake. This was just down the road from the Wilderness Lakes RV Resort by Thousand Trails.

Diamond Valley Lake (4)

We started this journey with our blonde Pomeranian “Bailey”. Now we’ve picked up another to come along the way with us “Zoey” in Phoenix, AZ.

Cottonwood AZ (20)

They became besties right away.

Cottonwood AZ (36)

Poms make great co-pilots in the RV but also on the Lake. This was on a charter boat with Captain Ron while we stayed at the Lake Texoma Thousand Trails.
Lake TGexoma (13)They love to go online shopping in the RV. Cottonwood AZ (6)Zoey’s first time on a walk in Arizona at the Cottonwood RV Resort, Thousand Trails. Cottonwood AZ (35)Picnic at the Lake Conroe in Texas. A Thousand Trails RV Resort. Conroe TX (7)

Chris Pick Loves Pomeranians!Conroe TX (17)Time to go down the slide!DSC_0084_tonemapped

Zoey had her first run-in with snow while we were at Lake Texoma, TX. DSC_0167

Now that Bailey’s getting older, she prefers to sleep in with Danielle vs doing a morning hike in the cold. Tech Tip Tuesday, if you add a 4 inch thick memory foam mattress pad to your RV mattress you will never want to get out of bed. Even dogs like it.

Sedona!Sedoa (15)

Gotta love when you find Dog friendly restaurants that are packed with dogs. Destin n Panama City (3)

Just reflecting at the campsite. – Thousand Trails Peace RiverPeace River (3)

Toy Haulers are great for these guys. It’s a great play area for them while you’re outside the camper. Peace River (7)Live music at the Camper never sounded so good. Peace River (33)

Can you spot the alligator in the background?Peace River (49)Gotta get some rest for tomorrow’s hike. Peace River (53)Jungle walker…Peace River (72)

Picnic at the River. Peace River (82)Let’s go!Peace River (83)

Going for our evening bike ride at the campground. TTO (3)

This guy loves Pomeranians. Camping at the Races (59)All smiles over here. Princeton (233)

Kayaking in Minnesota. Princeton (236)

Bailey loves to sit in the doorway and take in the views of the campground. Princeton (246)These 2 get to play with dogs all over the country. Princeton (259)

Sharing is caring. White Sands (64)

There’s always a concern with parents of a baby that their dog won’t work out with the little one. Not only are these guys best friends, but the poms look out for Ella. Pio Pico (269)

Buddies.Pio Pico (305)When we go for walks around the campground they come with on the bottom of the stroller. Wilderness Lakes CA (27)

When you see it…Newport (18)You can’t be a travel blogging dog and not visit a coffee shop once in awhile.
Coyote Buttes (3)Horseshoe Bend, AZ.
Horseshoe Bend (8)Selfie time at the Dog friendly Restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA.Laguna Beach (2)“I’m tired from too much relaxing.”Vegas (5)

Hidden Talent #57.Vegas (23)When it rains Bailey likes to bust out the cards. Vegas (30)Just another beautiful bike ride at the campground. – Wilderness Lakes, Thousand TrailsWilderness (1)Riding the train at the Wilderness Lakes RV Resort in Southern California. Wilderness (13)“You mean to tell me this is a cheeseburger that I can’t eat!?!”Wilderness (33)



Golden Gate

San Francisco (9)

Watching the Rhodesian Ridgeback Races in Gilroy, CA. Ridgeback Races (12)Kayaking in Minnesota. Green Lake (7)

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  1. Great post – love the humorous side of traveling with canine friends. We are FT and have two, a 30 pound Golden Retriever mix (not very tall) and one a 7 month old Australian Shepherd who weighs around 55 and should stop at 65. This morning the Golden rolled in Geese poop here at Thousand Trails Natchez Trace and while we were outside bathing her the Aussie who we left inside tore up all of the campground paperwork, dragged all the pillows on the floor and chewed up a soap dispenser. Finally got everything straightened up, made some coffee and set down to check my email. Your post was at the top so it was very timely reminding me that the fun parts so outweigh the others!

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